5 Reasons to use LinkedIn to promote your business

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LinkedIn to promote your business

Read on to learn how to use LinkedIn to promote your business:

You can create a LinkedIn Company Page and use it as a sales page and your business card at the same time. LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Especially for those in the B2B industry but not only. Having a proper corporate presence on the popular business social media platform is crucial. You probably know that you can not only have a personal profile as CEO, director or the owner of your business but also have a LinkedIn Company Page. It’s free and easy way to build brand awareness and promote your products and services on a big and reputable networking site. LinkedIn company page is more than just some content about your company. It’s an effective way to be in the same place where your potential customers are and show your business in a way you’d like them to see it.

LinkedIn is an authority site which is great for backlinks and SEO. Since LinkedIn is considered to be an authority site, your LinkedIn profile will be indexed and ranked by Google which will help you with organic search. You have to remember to optimize you LinkedIn profile and Company Page properly to get the best results. Don’t forget new connections that you build on LinkedIn. You can ask some of the people who recommend your profile to exchange links or guest-posts on each other’s blogs. All of these things are crucial for your website’s page rank.

Increase traffic to your site. When searching for things potential customers consider websites, blogs, search, email and social media to make decisions. Only when someone believes you have a good reputation and are credible, will they consider doing business with you. Because of LinkedIn’s great reputation having a proper profile and company page there will increase the chances of a person visiting your site. It is also known that clients coming from LinkedIn tend to have a longer lifecycle.

Get found by better clients who spend more. LinkedIn is a reputable source of advice and connections. Business minded and respectable people use it a lot. People with higher income use it a lot. People who are ready to spend serious money browse it a lot. And if they all find your page and it speaks to them you just got yourself a great deal. It is also fact that the sales cycle is shorter and per deal purchases are higher on LinkedIn. This means that people who found you there are more likely to buy something faster from you compare to visiting your website or finding you on other social media channels and spend more in one go.

Add points to your online reputation and digital footprint. It is extremely important in this day and age to keep your online reputation if not spotless but at least under control. Pushing great comments and recommendations up and burying negativity down is part of the game. Being active on a platform as reputable as LinkedIn, connecting to right people, getting positive recommendations and comments for your company page and site will help your reputation management. Learn more about your digital footprint in this article http://www.socialmediabuzz.com/clean-digital-footprint/

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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