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Linkedin marketing tips

LinkedIn has become essential for any professional. It is an important networking tool as well as a great place to showcase your achievements. But do you feel that there is still room for you to improve your LinkedIn marketing? Here are 7 LinkedIn marketing tips straight from the pros.

#1: LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Gets Your Content Seen

 One of the best LinkedIn tips is to use LinkedIn sponsored updates. This gives you a better way to have your content viewed by influential people on LinkedIn. In turn, this will increase your credibility as an expert in your field as well as expose your content to those who may not be in your network. You can target your LinkedIn sponsored updates by location, job category, company name, for example. You can then track how effective your updates are through LinkedIn’s detail analytics. This can also be used to compare how effective your sponsored updates are in comparison to your non-sponsored updates. In this case, be sure that you only sponsor updates that will give you a return on your investment (posts that have the highest value for your target audience). By using sponsored updates, you can get your content seen by influencer’s and start establishing yourself among the top in your industry.

 #2: Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile with Visual Content

Many people are not putting this feature to use on their LinkedIn profiles. By adding rich visual content, such as photos, videos, infographics and SlideShare presentations you will enhance your LinkedIn profile dramatically. It is easy to add this content using LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio feature. Adding this kind of content will get you noticed and make your profile stand out. Once you begin adding this visually rich content to your profile, continue to update it regularly. You can add screenshots of recent articles, work samples or video from your speaking engagements. This addition to your profile will greatly enhance your profile and make you stand out.

#3: Start Making Real Relationships with your Connections

 It’s important to remember that although you are interacting with people digitally, you should still spend time building real relationships with your LinkedIn connections as you would other relationships. Don’t post generic content when you can stand out as a valuable connection for someone. Humanize yourself by building real relationships with your connections through personalized messages, referrals or asking what their goals are. By working on making these real relationships you will become more meaningful to your connections. This is an effective way to grow your business.

 #4: Be Present and Valuable in Discussion Groups

 To be effective online, you must provide valuable content for others. This is tough since everyone else has the same goal. The best way to stand out within LinkedIn discussion groups is by targeting local, smaller groups where your posts are most likely to stand out. By discussing with a smaller group, you are also more likely to have readers and get comments. Also, if you dedicate yourself to posting regularly you can easily become a prominent member of the group and establish yourself as the local expert in your field.

#5: Improve Your Personal Profile

Your personal profile will be viewed a lot while you network, make connections or while others are looking to expand their professional contacts. The best way to have your LinkedIn personal profile stand out to potential employers or partners is to improve your profile with keywords, effective copy about yourself and quality media content. Make your profile professional but easy to find out about who you are as a person (not a business). Stand out among your competition and remember who your audience is in order to keep your copy engaging (remember you can’t please everybody). Keep your profile updated as you accomplish goals and targets.

#6: Get Their Attention with a Tag

You can tag your connections in posts by typing “@” before your connections name. Doing this ensures that they will see your post. Even if they haven’t logged into their LinkedIn account, they will get a short email with a link to the tag so they can see it. It’s a great way to make sure that what you’re saying reaches the right person. It also reminds them about you and gives them an opportunity to reply to you. Make sure you use this sparingly (only when it’s necessary to inform your connection or something) so that you aren’t annoying. The best thing about informing your connection this way is that the post will also show up in your connection’s news feed (unlike a private message).

#7: Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT an Online Version of Your Résumé

Perhaps the most important LinkedIn marketing tip from the pros is that you should not treat your LinkedIn profile like an online version of your résumé. That is bland and potentially unimportant for many of your connections. Instead, be specific with sentences like, “I helped… achieve… by….”. Make it clear to people reviewing your profile what you can do for them.

Using these 7 LinkedIn marketing tips straight from the pros will get your LinkedIn profile marketing more effectively for you. What does your LinkedIn profile look like? Have you already used any of these tips?

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elena Sciberras

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