Improve your WordPress site security – fast

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Improve your WordPress site security

Security is a common theme in this digital age of hackers. As technology and internet advances so does the techniques and methods of hacking that makes us all almost defenseless. This is especially true for those whose income depends on their WordPress (WP) accounts. But despite that, income or not, it is imperative that we take up measures to make sure that our WP accounts are protected. Here’s how.


Don’t be an old dog and update!

Updates are important. Yes, they can be really annoying sometimes but they are for our own good. Updates not only fix the bugs in the system but they also help in patching up all those old vulnerable spots hackers tend to chip through.

Also, aside from WP itself, don’t forget the little things like your themes and plug-ins. It’s important and safer to be up-to-date because older versions are easier to hack through.

Keep it unique

Uniqueness and originality are the best attributes to blogging, and apparently protection too. We are all guilty of using the same passwords over accounts and despite the risks, we still do it anyway. So if you have any account which you think is extra important compared to the rest, use a different and stronger password on it.

This applies to usernames and default settings too. Change it. Do not keep your default usernames, do not let it be ‘admin’. This is basically like opening a door for hackers to enter. Do not risk it.

Hide, so they can never seek

Hide your username, a visible username can be used and abused through the author archive pages. This is a default function of WP. Your username will be displayed via URL and you do not want those hacking wolves to see it. So make sure to hide your username before those beasts smell a potential victim.

Beware of free stuffs

Most of us use free themes, free plug-ins and all things free. Why? It’s because it’s free and we are all on a very tight budget as well as having a different set of spending priorities. However, such freedom may come at a price.

Free stuffs are usually vulnerable to attacks unlike the not-so-free kind. But calm down, don’t panic. So long as your sources are legit and safe, you have nothing to worry about. So yeah, stay away from the shady parts of the internet. It’s not worth the pain.

Limits. There has to be limits.

One of the ways to strengthen your immunity from hackers and bots is to put a limit on things. And since hackers or bots technically do not have the right password, they likely will use a brute force attack thus making some failed log-ins. Therefore it is very useful to limit your failed log-in attempts from a single IP address. And while some hackers do use multiple IP addresses, this is still a good precaution to take.

Keep backups, you won’t regret it.

Backups are our emergency kits. If disaster strikes, they are there to ensure us that we can and will survive this storm. Hence there reason for the importance of keeping backups of our website. Now, while this is a bit draining on some, especially people with very busy schedules. However, it is imperative that we take time to backup our websites and files.

Do not put this off. Like any cyber disaster you will never know when those hackers and bots find a chink in your security armor and wreak havoc upon you.

Plug-ins are tools, use them well but take caution.

I admit, plug-ins strike me as iffy. Especially if they sound too good to be true and come from a suspicious or random website that I do not trust. But they are helpful and you just need to find the ones that are totally worth it.

There you go folks, fast and easy ways to ramps up your defenses against those nasty hackers. Have a nice day and good luck.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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