A 10 Step Guide to Humanising Your Business Social Media Approach

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Humanizing your business social media

Having your business be present online through various social media platforms is a must these days. Your followers want to engage with you and hear what you have to say and offer. Your social media outlets will go to waste if the content you post doesn’t relate to your audience. Humanizing your business social media approach means engaging with people on a personal level. Get started with this 10 step guide.

  1. We’re all human.
    Your business is run by humans, your customers are human and so are your social media followers – so quit talking like a robot. Let your human side shine through your social media content to engage with your customers.
  2. Engage employees.
    If you want to truly humanise your business through social media, start at home by engaging employees to do the same. Your employees are the ones who will be posting and creating content (perhaps inadvertently – think posting company party photos). If employees are given the opportunity to be themselves via social media at work this will reflect a more humanised approach all around.
  3. Relationship building.
    The best customers are repeat customers. Use your social media to try and build a relationship with yours. If you spend time really trying to build a relationship with your customers through your social media, past all the usernames and avatars, you will build loyalty to your brand that is lifelong, surpassing any Tweet, blast, like or share.
  4. Find your personality.
    Your business needs personality. This is true for the employees at the help desk as well as behind your social medial platforms. Knowing who you are as a brand is very important to developing this personality, for producing content and customer relations. Are you funny? Serious? It doesn’t matter if you are both, as long as you inject this personality into your social media.
  5. Let them see you grow.
    If you are just getting started with social media, or trying to revamp and humanise your image, take your followers on a journey with you. Let them see you grow and share the experience while building a relationship with followers. By being this open and honest, your wins will become something for fans to celebrate and they will become invested in your business.
  6. Forget the mumbo-jumbo.
    Your customers, fans and followers do not talk corporate speak, so don’t try to engage them with corporate posts. Humanise your business by speaking in a familiar tone using language that can be understood by all.
  7. Share the evidence that your team really is human.
    One of the best ways of humanising your business online is to show that your business is run by real people in real time. Post pictures and videos of employees team building, at the company picnic or any other ways that show your employees enjoying themselves. Getting a glimpse of these little moments will really make a difference to your followers.
  8. Strike a chord.
    Humanising your business means striking an emotional chord. We, as humans, react to things that make us laugh, cry or even get mad. Connecting and engaging with your followers will be easier if you put some emotion into your content.
  9. Have a conversation.
    When followers speak to you via social media, take part in the conversation. Don’t just like the post or tweet a simple “thanks”, really read what they’re saying and reply sincerely. Take each opportunity presented to you to foster a relationship.       Since humanising you business starts by engaging with your followers, send personal replies. As people read through your feed and see the person behind the post, they will be encouraged to participate.
  10. Network.
    Reach out to other people and highlight those real people. Messages from the CEO can often be overlooked by followers but guest writers who use your product or services may be more in line with your customers and will therefore be more engaging. Also, never turn down an opportunity for someone in your company to speak during a live engagement. Anything to present real people will do wonders to humanise your business’ image on social media.

Did you like our Guide to Humanising Your Business Social Media Approach? Share your own tips and experience in the comments below!


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