How to recover an abandoned shopping cart

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how to recover an abandoned shopping cart

If you’ve ever shopped online, then at some point you’ve probably abandoned your shopping cart…and thought nothing of it. But to online salesmen and marketers, abandoned shopping carts can seem like an unstoppable pandemic. A recent study even showed that a whopping 67% of all shopping carts created online are abandoned, leading to billions of dollars in lost sales. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can set up your website to try and lower this outrageous percentage – read the following tips and learn how to recover an abandoned shopping cart.

Don’t Surprise With Shipping Fees

One of the more common reasons why online shoppers choose to abandon their cart is that, at the checkout point, they discover hidden shipping and handling fees. Who wants to pay for shipping nowadays? No one: a fact in part due to the ingenious marketing of sites like Amazon, who made record profits through its Amazon Prime free-shipping membership.

So how can you combat those threatening shipping fees? You have a few options. The first is simple, just get rid of them all together. Sure it may be difficult, but the studies have shown that the money you may lose by offering free shipping is made up by the extra sales it will attract. But if free shipping is simply not an option, say for smaller businesses, offer it on special occasions like every Monday or 15th of the month.

And the second option is to simply be up-front with your customers about any shipping fees. For example Walgreens recently added a shipping cost calculator to their checkout page. Not only will something like this recover abandoned shopping carts, but it will greatly improve the trust between you and your customers.

Remarket to Customers

This strategy is both effective and easy to use, considering the majority of companies already have the email addresses of their cart abandoners. The theory here is to send marketing emails to try and remind your customers to complete the purchase, but without scaring them off. This works because the majority of online shoppers do plan on coming back to an abandoned cart, but simply forget they made it.

Here’s what you could do to remarket: after about 12 hours of cart abandonment, send the customer an email with a simple reminder message, in addition to the customer service contact information in case there were any problems. If they still haven’t bought their items, send a second email offering a limited-time discount, like 5% off their purchase. If this still doesn’t work you can then choose to either send a third convincing email, or stop nagging them while you’re ahead.

You can also run re-targeted adverts to people who abandoned your shopping cart. If these people went as far as adding items in the cart they are your prime audience and retargeting them with specific ads showing items in the cart proves to be a very successful and inexpensive strategy. Together with offering free shipping or additional discount the success rate can skyrocket!

Clean Up Any Loose Ends

Handling shipping fees and remarketing are the two biggest ways to recover an abandoned shopping cart. But if you still are having no luck, here is a list of quick tips to follow to make sure you’re keeping as many customers as you can on that checkout page:

1. Have the least amount of checkout steps

2. Add a customer service chat widget

3. Get rid of any advertisements or other distractions

4. Showcase your return policy to keep any customers with second thoughts

5. Give an estimated shipping arrival date and time

6. Auto-fill any customer information you can

7. Make sure to collect emails right off the bat (this will then make the remarketing that we talked about possible)

8. Add helpful labels and description bubbles to as many fields as possible, to avoid confused customers

9. Include a progress bar to give customers a visual motivation to finish the purchase

10. Place a recognizable security seal, such as Norton or McAfee, to reassure customers that their personal and payment information is safe.


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