How to market with Snapchat

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How to market with Snapchat

Oh snap! I’m getting old. Ever experienced the trouble of capturing your target audience? Ever tried getting into the minds of the hip and chill crowd of #YOLO and #SWAG? Getting a tad frustrated in trying to break through the 90’s kids’ fortress of nostalgia? Or basically anyone within the age range of 13 to 25? Try Snapchat! It’s an app that can help you connect and reach this certain target audience via photo and video shares. Aside from the fact that a vast majority of people is availing the use of this app – roughly about 26 million in the US alone – Snapchat can also give your business that nice and I’m-a-person-not-a-corporate-blob vibe. In fact, here’s a three step guide that explains how to market with Snapchat.

One: Orient yourself

So you already know that Snapchat could be an effective marketing tool. The question is how. The answer lies in orienting yourself to the app itself. It is important for you to actually know how to operate your app. You need to be aware of its notable features and functions.

One important fact to know about Snapchat is the time limit and the auto-delete feature. Your videos and Snapchat stories (a picture and a video post) can be viewed in an unlimited amount within an allotted time of 24-hours and will be deleted after the given timeframe.

In the case of pictures, once a person saw the picture or the snap you’ve posted, it’ll be automatically deleted after a maximum of ten seconds. The same thing applies to its Chat feature, once you leave the conversation, your text messages will be deleted. But worry not, you can still screenshot your conversations just in case.

Two: Make your personality shine.

Snapchat is a casual and social environment, so learn to be less formal and loosen up if you want to catch people’s attention. You need to establish the image you want to portray, hence, be able to not only spread your social butterfly wings but also to add in some business into the mix. Therefore, ditch the corporate look and opt for the clean casual look instead.

You need to literally but a face on your company. Add in some extra tidbits of life. Funny mishaps. Allow them to get a glimpse of the behind the scenes. Let them see the person as well as the business.

Three: Exploitation

Exploitation doesn’t necessarily pertain to selfish acts of slave driving. Okay, it technically does but it also means the act of employing the best possible advantage. On this case, you need to make the most of this app.

Aside from the usual sale and promo announcements, you can also use this app to send out coupons and rewards. Send out quotes, uplifting texts and simple holiday greetings to give off the warm glow of actually being interested in what’s happening with your audience. Do not forget, this is a social arena so we can’t have you look like a machine that just sends out announcements and coupons.

There you go, three simple steps in marketing through your Snapchat app. Now, go and snap something you crazy whippersnappers!

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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