How to become a pure genius at content writing

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So, are you ready to become a pure genius at content writing?

Writing content for marketing is easy. What’s difficult is writing marketing content that’s good. Too often marketers get caught up in their own visions without taking a look at the bigger picture, leading to content that just doesn’t sell as well as it could. Luckily for us, a recent study took a look at which marketing strategies the biggest companies have successfully used to grow their business. Here are the five best steps to follow to become a pure genius at content writing:

  1. Know Your Audience

If you want people to notice your content, it takes more than just a great writing voice. What you need to do is study your target audience, then cater your content to their interests. This works best if you identify as specific of an audience as possible. What ages are they? What gender? What are their careers, hobbies, and interests? And don’t stop at just identifying your audience, take it one step further and really do your research to understand who they are. When writing content, any and all details will help you decide on the best course of action.

  1. Define Your Leadership

Odds are, if you’re writing content you have a vision. Whether it’s a vision for yourself, your career, or your company, everyone has underlying goals they want to accomplish. To make sure your content thrives, you have to pretend you’re the leader; calling all the shots to make your vision a reality. This could involve hiring an editor, seeking out a graphic designer to boost your content visually, or even hiring multiple writers to get the quantity and quality information you desire. Clearly communicate what you want, and you’ll lead your team to victory!

  1. Gather the Right Tools

This might be the most important step: a content genius always has the best gadgets. Some of the best content growing tools include:

 -Workado: An organizing tool built by marketers themselves, Workado is perfect for organizing and distributing jobs, and allowing for easy communication among coworkers. It allows content marketers a place to manage all their tasks: from your own employees and freelancers to your clients’ personal marketing campaigns.

 -Buffer: Wish there was an easier way to post content? Well that’s exactly what Buffer is for. This tool lets you post different articles in a queue, which Buffer then shares when and in the order you tell it to. It also gives you the ability to manage posts from multiple social media sites, expanding your marketing horizons. Great writing works wonders, but sometimes it’s the visuals that can take your content to the top. lets you easily connect with design and creation teams that can then use your content to make infographics, images, or even presentations.

  1. Face the Facts

What many passionate content writers are scared to do is often what they need to do: face the hard truth. And that truth is, sometimes a great piece of writing just isn’t the best for your marketing campaign. You may have put hours of work in, weeks of research, and come up with an amazing result. But if your target audience won’t find it useful, there’s no point to post it. By being honest with your work, you’ll be more effective by posting only top quality, relevant information. And more importantly, your audience will respond to it!

  1. The Hedghog Concept

And last, but certainly not least, every content writing genius understands Phil Collins’ newest marketing idea: the Hedghog Concept. It works like this: you have three overlapping circles with one focal point where they all meet. The three circles represent your passion, your talents, and your secret to making money. If you keep in mind those three circles, your content will gain a consistent focal point (where the three overlap) that will lead you to success. By figuring out what goes in your three circles, you’ll discover your content’s true vision and ultimately lead your business to success.

So, are you ready to become a pure genius at content writing?

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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