How often should you email your clients?

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how often should you email your clients

Emailing to your list of customers can be an effective marketing strategy, however this task runs a fine line between over and under-mailing. Over-mailing your subscribers can cause people to quickly unsubscribe or banish your newsletters to the spam folder. Under-mailing can suffer the same destiny if you’ve taken too long to mail your recipients and they have forgotten who you are or why they subscribed to your newsletter in the first place. So how often should you email your clients? What is the right amount of time to be effective, but not annoying? Follow these tips when mailing your list to make sure you keep your subscribers.

 Get to it – don’t delay in sending an email as soon as a customer subscribes. Welcome new subscribers and begin the relationship with them quickly so that they get used to receiving your emails.

Be on time because subscribers expect you to deliver your promises, so if you said you would send out a newsletter each Tuesday, do so. Don’t wait or put it off – they may forget why they subscribed!

Find a day that works best for your subscribers. Send out test emails to your list and follow up with your statistics and open and click rates to find out which day is best for your readers. It could be any day of the week, but find the day that works with your recipients.

Emails containing general information can become redundant and subscribers will lose interest if sent to your list too often. For general information there is no need to email on a weekly basis. Keep your newsletters to twice a month.

Email relevant content only. If you gave subscribers a choice of content they would be interested in receiving (such as a checklist of topics upon sign-up), send only what they requested. It is fine to include some general information in regards to special offers, coupons or events but keep your newsletter interesting and filled with relevant content for them.

Don’t get caught up thinking that the more emails you send, the further your reach and the more customers you will have. This is simply not the case. It is not a numbers game. It is, however, the fastest way for potential customers to unsubscribe from your emails which is exactly what you don’t want to happen. People view repetitive emails or newsletters from businesses that come too frequently as spam. Again, bad for business. You want to find a time line that works for your business and for your subscribers. This may differ based on your industry. As I said, there is a very fine line between over-mailing and under-mailing.

Still, if you have a list of subscribers, that means they have asked to receive news, offers or information from you. It continues to be a very big marketing tool if you can get it right. Perhaps the simplest solution is to ask your subscribers how often they would like to receive an email from you. This could be done upon sign-up and would really take all the guessing out of it. Now why didn’t we think of that sooner?

How often do you email to your clients’ list – what are you tips and experience?

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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