10 easy-to-use tips for growing your blog audience

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10 easy-to-use tips for growing your blog

Are you new to blogging and have no clue where, or how, to start gaining followers? Has your blog hit a slump? Try these 10 easy-to-use tips for growing your blog audience.

  1. Consistency is crucial

The first, and most important, step in growing your audience is developing a consistent posting schedule. The number or frequency of your posts is not as crucial in gaining loyal readers as is the consistency of your posting. If new readers like your writing, but they see that your posts are erratic at best, they are less likely to return than if they are able to see when your next post will be published. By sticking to a schedule, you will make following your blog easier and more enjoyable for your audience.

  1. Respect your readers

Another key to growing and maintaining your audience is showing them that you appreciate the time they have taken to read and comment on your blog. If you are too pressed for time to leave a substantial reply to every comment, at least use your manners and thank them graciously. After all, they didn’t have to read your blog, and they certainly didn’t have to take time out of their day to comment. Keep in mind, though, that if you are using Blogger or WordPress, commenters will have no way of knowing when you reply to them. Installing Disqus will give readers the option of being notified if anyone replies to their comments, and you will be promoting interaction on your blog by actively engaging your audience. You can also recognize participation and reward commenters by featuring their comments in your posts.

  1. Highlight other experts

Reaching out to others in the blogging community, or in your industry, is an important aspect of the world of blogging. If you admire a fellow blogger’s content, let them know. One way to do this is by interviewing them and featuring the interview in your next post. If you can’t swing an interview, provide a quote from them on your own blog post, along with a link back to their original content. Remember to always give others the appropriate credit when you use their material. Additionally, if you suggest that these fellow bloggers share your post with their own followers, your reach has the potential to grow exponentially.

  1. Don’t be boring (even if your subject matter is)

Even if your topic is the newest accounting software to hit the market, think of ways to spice up your post. Try thinking of what the story behind your topic may be, or how to relate your subject matter to a more interesting story through the use of analogies or metaphors. Of course, facts and figures may be critical in your presentation of the information, but if you have all the enthusiasm of a college textbook, your readers probably won’t be holding their breath waiting for your next post.

  1. Branch out to social media

Creating quality content, posting regularly, and providing readers with a way to subscribe to your blog simply may not be enough to grow your audience. There are vast numbers of people within your target audience who may never know that your blog exists because they aren’t looking for it. By creating pages or accounts for your blog on social networks, you will be sharing your blog and its content with a new audience. You will also be providing your readers with new options for following your blog, as well as an easy way for them to share your content with their friends.

  1. Be their guest

Are there blogs within your industry that you consider to be the go-to sources for new and reliable information? Contact the administrators for these blogs and offer to contribute a free, high-quality guest post. Though you won’t be reaping immediate monetary rewards, you will benefit from the exposure your guest post will gain for your blog. If you are given the opportunity to guest blog for a top blog in your industry, their readers will inevitably see your name and the link to your blog. This publicity alone could extend your reach, and you won’t have spent a dime on advertising. Guest blogging is an excellent way to increase your credibility as well.

  1. Utilize an email list

When people subscribe to your blog, you have a built-in audience that is already interested in your content. And, when people are excited about something, they generally want to share it with others. By creating an email list, you can quickly and easily make your loyal readers aware of new posts. If they are already interested in what your blog has to offer, they will also be happy to be notified of new content and will find the time to check it out and share it.

  1. Exchange links with other bloggers

This process, known as “link-ups”, allows you to participate in the exchange of blog links with fellow bloggers. Generally, link-ups follow a specific theme, and a blog must fit within the theme in order for you to participate. In short, participating bloggers all post links to their own blogs, while other bloggers visit each of the other participants’ links and either like, follow, comment, share, or otherwise show some love. If visiting bloggers like what they see, you could end up with more followers, some of whom are also likely to share content from your blog with their own audience.

  1. Leave feedback on other blogs

Whether it’s a blog that you already follow or one you found by following a link on someone’s Disqus or Facebook profile, bloggers all love feedback. Plus, by commenting on other blogs and leaving the link to your blog at the end of your feedback, you provide the blogger and other readers with a nearly irresistible invitation to click that link. If you provide feedback to other bloggers, most will feel compelled to return the favor by commenting on a few of your posts as well. In addition, readers who see your comments and follow your link may end up as loyal readers.

    10. Join blogging communities

Even the most creative blogger can run low on original content ideas at times. By joining blogging communities, you cannot only network with other bloggers (including others in your niche), but you can also collaborate with fellow bloggers to develop new content ideas. Additionally, by sharing your blog information within these communities, you may gain quite a few new followers by simply participating, networking, and having fun.

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