Grow your Readers by commenting on other blogs the right way

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Blogging is one of the most expressive forms of communication today. It enables everyone to have the capability to present whatever they want, and like any form of communication, gaining feedback is important.Good feedback is usually in the form of followers and comments, denoting that that whatever it is you are posting is gaining readers. But how? Do you need extra interesting content or the blogger needs to be extremely famous to gain followers and readers?Read our guide on how to grow your readers by commenting on other blogs the right way.

Not exactly.

A good way to start is by commenting on other blogs because it’s a nice yet subtle way of advertising one’s self without looking like an attention whore as well as gaining new friends and contacts along with readers and followers in tow.

However, before you go all gung-ho and go shooting off comments like crazy, you need to learn that in order to gain followers and readers, you need to leave comments the right way. You need to draw yourself in a good and stable light, here are some tips on how to construct your comments properly.

1. “Nice one, please visit my blog.”

This is one of the worst comments to leave in a blog. Aside from the fact that it’s fruitlessly shallow, it gives the impression that you didn’t even bother to read the blog, you’re just looking for a way to advertise yourself. Never leave a comment like this.

2. Quality over quantity

Please remember to keep your word vomiting impulses to a minimum. You are merely the commenter, not the blogger. Readers looking through the comment section will simply skim over it. Go straight to the point with minimal grammar error as possible. Keep it interesting and relevant, no need of lengthy unneeded counterproductive blah.

3. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit picky

You don’t need to comment on every blog you come across. Just choose three to five relatable blogs to focus on and five to ten others as your reserve blogs in case your top blogs becomes inactive. Another tip here is to choose blogs or posts that do not have a lot of comments. That way, you’ll have a higher chance of getting noticed.

4. Be the early bird, not the early worm

If you don’t want to be washed away by the sea of followers commonly found in large or popular blogs, it’s imperative to be early. Why? It is because early comments are the most likely to be read compared to the late ones, this applies to less popular blogs as well. However, just make sure not to always be the first commenter, it may be interpreted wrongly by others and do more harm than good.

5. Leave your mark

Leave your name instead of your business or company name. Leaving a company name might make people think you are merely commenting for advertisement rather the content of the blog itself. Allow the comments to speak for you. If they are interested they will willingly look you up.

6. Don’t go all, “What happened to the username that I used to know?”

Please do not forget to keep your consistency in terms of URLs and usernames. People will think you’re a different person if you keep changing your username. Changing your URL with make search engines think that the new URL is a different website thus lowering chance of visibility. So make sure you’ve finalized these before you decide to go on leaving comments.

7. Reply! Reply! Reply!

In addition to all these tips, don’t forget to reply. It is common blogging courtesy to give a feedback in turn. Granted it’s not something that everyone does, but it does help you in gaining friends who would most probably become loyal followers in turn. After all, what’s the point if you’re just going to snub the first person who’ll comment on your blog?

You won’t gain followers that way, I’ll tell you that

So remember, you don’t exactly need to be all that. You can still gain followers and readers even if your content is average or if your webpage isn’t unique or pretty enough. You just need to spread your wings and sprinkle proper comments here and there. Just make sure that you won’t make your readers’ eyes bleed or have seizures due to grammatical errors, messy font styles and psychedelic backgrounds when they do decide to pay your blog a visit. Did you like our tips on how to grow your Readers by commenting on other blogs? Share your experince in the comments section below!



elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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