Google + Post Ads simple guide

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Google + Post Ads simple guide

The social media world is just beginning to hear about Google +’s newest advertising phenomenon: Post ads. Those who have heard about them may have already tried, but can’t get a grasp on how to use them. It is true that they are tricky to initially get set up, but once mastered these Post ads are highly useful. Their interactive format has been proven to increase advertisement success for all Google + pages who have used them. To make your own Google + Post ad, follow this Google + Post Ads simple guide:

What are they, exactly?

Basically, Google + Post ads take a piece of content such as a video or picture, and turn them into an ad visible throughout the Google Display Network. Those who view your Post ad can then choose to comment or +1 on your advertisement. Ultimately the goal is to create a simple post that grabs both the interest and attention of viewers, while also advertising and promoting your brand.

Why should you use them?

Post ads take advantage of Google +’s AdSense and AdWords accounts, which you should get familiar with before embarking on Post ads. (An AdWords account is also required before you can create a Post ad.) Therefore, you can advertise your content in a place where Google ads already are. But more convincing proof as to why you should market with Post ads: Toyota USA tried them out, and was able to claim 50% more activity on their Post ads compared to the traditional, ordinary advertisements.

How do you make one?

As already stated, the only requirements for creating one of these are at least 1,000 followers and a Google + AdWords account. Once this is accomplished, the steps are as follows:

1. Go into AdWords and make a brand new Display Network Only campaign, selecting Engagement as the campaign type. From here choose settings such as what devices your ad can be shown on, what countries or languages, and your daily budget for the campaign.

2. Set up a new Ad Group. This will require giving your ad’s name and a bid amount, along with choosing an audience that you want your ad to target.

3. Set up that Google + Post ad. Here AdWords will prompt you to pick a template for your ad. Select the option for Google + Ad Template, and you’re almost there.

4. By default, Google + will choose to use your most recent post for the Post ad. You can either utilize this, or prevent it from happening by using the button to select another post. Once your chosen post is selected, your Post ad is complete!

What will this do for Google +?

As one of the lesser-known social media sites, this is huge for Google +. An advertising feature such as these Post ads have not been released on any other sites, therefore giving Google a huge advantage. Google + will also make money on these advertisements, while intelligently not posting the actual ads on Google itself but instead other Google + pages. A marketing tactic such as this will additionally bring more new users to the social media platform in the future.

What kind of post should you choose?

Like all advertisements, keep in mind that these Post ads cost your company valuable money. So you shouldn’t just use any old post! Make sure your chosen advertisement is entertaining, interactive (if possible), comment-worthy, and most importantly, it sells your company without overselling. These qualities are rarely achieved perfectly, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Especially with a brand new feature like the Google + Post ad, getting started now gives you plenty of time to master posting a great advertisement.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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