Google hangouts guide – step by step!

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google hangouts guide

If you are looking for a good communication experience in your work or in a group of friends, you MUST try Google hangouts. Read our Google hangouts guide to learn what to do step by step!

First of all I will give you the bad news… you have to create a google+ account if you want to try the experience of Google hangouts. If you own one google account it is only necessary to add the service to your account. It would be great because you don’t need to waste time filling all the information that the new account requires and in the meantime you can start investigating the new tools that Google hangouts offers to you. And if you are not good at investigating, I personally recommend you to read the full article! No way my friend!

When you are ready with the account creation and all the profile that you want to share with your friends, you should download the plug in. It is not necessary to search where, because you will find the link below:

google hangoutWhen the download is complete, you can start to using hangouts in the many ways that it is offered. First of all, you can start a hangout with your friend, you can invite a group of friends too (not more than 10 for the moment), or you can join to a public hangout. It is as easier as to click on Start hangout button at the right top of the page. You can name your hangouts as you want, but take in consideration that if the hangout is public, this name will be visible for all. So if you want to create a public hangout, I recommend you to use a name, which let the people introduce the subject that you will discuss there.

If you are lazy to create your own public hangout, you can join to other that is currently being discussed.

If you are waiting for a hangout, the only thing that you should do when you receive a notification or alert informing that someone are inviting you is to join, and you are ready to start!

Now you are ready to try the experience. I will describe some tips below to make easier the trip

Mute the microphone! (Nobody wants interruptions when is talking!)

muteIt is a good practice to mute your microphone when you are not speaking, it avoids distractions. Nobody wants to hear the neighbors dog, the baby crying or the ambulance!

You can choose the microphone icon at the top of the window or ctrl+d, or the command “/mute’ in hangouts chat.

Nobody understand what you are talking about? You can share your screen!

It is common when you are in a call in your work after 1 hour and everybody is looking at the same file in different computers, you loose the point. To make focus on what you need to show, you can share your screen. You can click the Screenshare icon in the left side of your window. If you don’t want to share conversations with your friends, or the solitary that you were playing, it doesn’t matter! because Google hangouts will let you share only one of your windows (But if it is not your case, you can share your full screen).share screen

Use Private Chats

 Sometimes you need to talk in private with only one person, but you are in a group hangouts. I have the solution to you through a simple command.

You can type “/to” before the name of the person that you want to talk to. (You don’t need to remember all the commands that I am mentioning now, because you can type “/?” in your hangouts chat and it will appear the full list)



Air allows you to post hangouts through your You Tube Channel.

First of all you need to enable this option:

You will need to follow a verification process and then you will be ready to share your hangouts public or private in your channel.

Google Drive

If you are working in a group, it is easier to have integrated all the files that you will need to share in the same application. Google drive will allow you to create spreadsheets, text documents, presentations and give different accesses to the users. They will be able to edit, view or change the document at the same time.

Include your video in a Calendar Event

If you have a calendar event prepared for your  next meeting, you can add a hangout clicking the link to the hangout URL in the invitation.

Configure each hangout

Delete, leave or archive the hangout, save (OR NOT SAVE) the history, and choose when you want to receive notifications.

Last thing and the funniest one! You can add emoticons, and photos to your conversation!

When you have an opened conversation you have two icons. The lower left icon is a smiley face, and the right one is a camera, which you can choose if you want to add photos from your photos, a web camera or a video search.

If you are looking for the most enjoyable experience at work or just for fun with friends, Google hangouts will give you a complete set of features that will let you to share everything! Just read all the tips, try it by yourself and enjoy!

You can download the application, it doesn’t matter if you have iOS, Android or the chrome application installed in your laptop:

iOS –

Android –

Chrome App –


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elena Sciberras

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