Get more social media shares on your blog – 5 things to do

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Having your blog shared over social media is possibly the best way to gain more traffic to your site. But the truth is that not many readers spend their free time reading random blogs. Instead people like to be on social media: browsing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all day. So if you want your blog to reach more of the world, the key is in getting your blog site shared. But how can this be done? If you follow these 5 crucial tips, you’ll be on your way to get more  social media shares for your blog.

1. Make Sharing As Easy As Possible

It is extremely common for readers to not share a blog post simply because the thought didn’t occur to them. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your readers have easy access to sharing buttons that they can’t miss, even if they’re only skimming your content. The two best options would be to position a sharing button either at the very top of your blog post, or include one of those that follows the reader as they scroll down the page (called a floating widget display). These tactics would make sure that your reader at least considers sharing your blog post before leaving the page.

2. Content is Key

Not always the case, but sometimes the only thing stopping a blog post from getting traffic is the post’s content. Try and write about topics that are known to be the most popular with people. You can figure this out by doing some research with keyword searches on social media sites and search engines, or by checking your competitors’ blog sites to see which blog posts they’ve gotten the most shares and attention on.

Another tip you could try to make your content more popular is to focus on current events. Write a few blog posts about the FIFA World Cup, the latest Oscar-winning movie, or anything else that the whole world would know of. Social media is used to help people keep up with the latest worldwide events, so focusing your blog posts on these would definitely help your blog posts get more shares.

3. Write Easy-to-Skim Posts

In the fast-paced information age, readers rarely will read every word of an article or blog post. So to increase your readership, make sure that in addition to being well-written your blog posts are also “skimmable”. Include lists, bold titles, bullet points, or anything else that will help get your point across to people who don’t quite feel like reading every word. If readers can easily grasp the key points of your writing, they’re much more likely to share it over social media.

4. Add Some Pictures

A visual element of any sort is extremely important for making a high-traffic blog. Infographics are the best type of picture to increase readership, since they add color images to your post while also providing key information on your topic. But since most people aren’t experts at making infographics, some basic photographs will also do the trick. Try not to use stock photos or a generic picture, which odds are your readers won’t even notice. Aim to post professional, attractive images that not only describe your blog post, but contribute to its success.

5. Get Them Started

Sometimes your original lack of social media attention could be what’s keeping you in that inescapable pit of no shares. One idea to help solve this is to share your blog post yourself. If you have a personal blog, or even if your write blog posts for a company, share it on the appropriate Facebook or Twitter profile to potential readers you’ve already gathered as followers. Depending on how many followers your accounts have, this simple action could lead to hundreds more shares and more readership in the future. Another option is to have friends, family, or your employees be the first to share your blog posts. And if other readers of your blog notice that your post has, say, 8 shares already, they are much more likely to share it too than if your blog post had 0 shares.  

Did you like our tips on how to get more social shares on your blog? Do you have your own tricks to share?

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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