Frustrated customers aren’t always bad for your business and here is why!

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frustrated customers

What is the one thing a person wants when they come to the high point of their frustration level? A solution. How does this tie in with your business?

Well, what does your business provide if not a solution to your frustrated customers problem? Your business sells a product or provides a service that helps customers in need. You help your customers when they have a problem by providing a solution.

We understand how “shock value” can work for us by generating attention and discussion around campaigns. But did you know that working up your customers to the point of frustration isn’t actually always bad for your business?

Here’s why…

Logically, you can increase your business by creating that level of frustration for your customers so that they can experience the satisfaction of then finding the solution to their problem = your business.

Human beings are emotional creatures. We respond to things when they tap in to our emotional state. We are also used to being bombarded with problems – missed deadlines, accidents, bad news – all of which cause us stress. We also love to feel that relief when a solution to our problems has been found.

You frustrate your customers by detailing the problem but then you provide them the feeling of relief and calm their stress when you also provide them with the solution.

This doesn’t mean create fictional problems to manipulate people into stress and anxiety.

For example, if you sell electronics, such as digital cameras, don’t you also need batteries? Wouldn’t that be a problem if you sold and shipped a camera to someone without also selling them the exact lithium batteries that they need to operate the camera?

Now, this is a problem. It will certainly leave your customer feeling frustrated because you haven’t provided them a solution to this problem. Instead, sell the camera and provide the solution to their possible frustration by suggesting they add a lithium battery pack to their order, and a camera case, and a selfie stick…

Remember, they can always say no. Customers like choice and it is better that you offer it to them than turn them off because they didn’t realise they had a “problem”.

If the problem or frustration you create isn’t real and valid, you will turn people away from your business for good. Likewise, if you leave them feeling frustrated, they won’t turn to your business again when they need a solution to a problem. Instead, tap into the plethora of problems that exist in our everyday life to provide real solutions to your customers.


elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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