FB graph search 7 uses for best results

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FB graph search 7 uses for best results

Facebook graph search has changed the mechanichs of the search on favourite social media for the best. Read our guide on FB graph search 7 uses for best results for your life and business. By following these graph search tricks, this handy search tool can be used to dramatically improve your business.

1. Narrow Down That Target Audience

A business owner is always sure of who they want to market towards. But a few quick graph searches can show who the real target audience of your business is. Narrow down the ages, gender, or interests of the majority of your customers. Then use this information to alter your business towards this target audience or take a new approach towards advertising and marketing.

2. Find Promotional Ideas

Every good business FB page has a contest or discount opportunity once in a while, just to keep the fans happy. But what should the prize be for one of these contests? A simple graph search such as “Movies liked by people who like (insert your page)” could give you the perfect type of gift idea that would attract the most participants in your promotional contest.

3. Keep an Eye on Competitors

Staying one step ahead of your business competition is so much easier than you’d think. You can not only discover how many people have recently been at your opponent businesses, but can also see which of them have high ratings, lots of likes, or popular posts, through a few quick graph searches. Take notes from what they’ve done to succeed and apply this to your own Facebook page.

4. Advertise More Efficiently

Don’t know where to advertise? Simple: use a graph search to discover the locations that your customers (and possible future customers) most often like to be. Try a search such as “Places near (insert your location) visited by people who like (insert your page)”. You can then advertise your business near these actual locations, or place an online ad on these place’s Facebook page.  

5. Revamp Your Photo Posts

Remember when you had to tediously go through a series of old Facebook posts to compare how many likes they got? Well no more! You can now analyze a large number of photos at one time, and compare which type of photos have gotten the most likes. Use this information to influence your future posts, to get more likes and therefore more social media connections for your business.

6. Explore Your Fans’ Interests

Stuck on future endeavors for your business? Here’s a helpful trick: use a graph search to see what pages most of your Facebook fans are interested in. Do a graph search such as “Pages liked by people who like (insert your page)”. If there is an overwhelming majority towards one certain interest, then you could have a groundbreaking idea for a new business tactic in your hands.

7. Make New Connections

Before the graph search, it wasn’t so easy to connect with people who you weren’t FB friends with. But now, a simple search like “Friends of friends of friends who like (insert a page)” can tell you who would be a good future customer, and invite them to like your page. You can also search for other businesses in this same way, to find and connect with other companies and possibly create a new business partnership.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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