Fake followers – how to get rid of them

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Fake followers – how to get rid of them

Okay, who doesn’t like to get followers, they’re like the life and blood of this business. After all, followers mean that you actually have something useful to contribute to humanity. Followers mean not only influence and reach, but money as well. But, what about the fakes? Is there such a thing? Useless fake followers? Believe it or not, there is, and this is how to get rid of them.

Facebook: Time to kick some people off

Fakes in this social media site are the ones that tend to damage your reach and stop your real followers from getting your posts. Why? It is because the frequency of your posts appearing on your follower’s newsfeed is really dependant on the amount of engagement you’ve manage to earn.

This means shares, comments and likes.

Fakes tend to ignore your posts thus damaging your chances of visibility which would make others think you’ve become inactive and will begin the horrifying act of un-following.

Consider your options. Three things can happen here. One, you hunt down and remove those fake accounts. Two, you make a new page and transfer your brand there. Or three, you can just ignore them like they ignore you.

Now, it’s quite normal to gain at least a few fake followers, especially if you’re large and popular enough. Therefore, if you’re not experiencing a very noticeable decrease in your numbers, you don’t have to worry about the fakes yet. This makes option three the ideal choice.

However, if you are experiencing some problems and would rather not consider option two, you must go through the rather tedious process of option one.

Find the fakes. You can easily find your fans on your page where it will show you your first 500 but if you need a bigger list, you can use Facebook’s Social Graph. Once you have the full list of your fans (fake or not), you can narrow it down by using filters. After weeding out those fake accounts you report them.

Ban them for good. As stated before, it’s a rather tedious process and Facebook doesn’t really act on reports immediately. So here’s something to remedy that dilemma.

  1. Open two tabs: the fake profile and the ‘See all fans’ page.
  2. Copy the profile address and go to this site.
  3. Paste the copied address on the box. There, you will see a number ID that you’ll use in banning the said account. Copy that.
  4. Go to your ‘See all fans’. Inspect element by right clicking the gear next to the fake account (for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). A box with programming language and a highlighted line will appear, right click and select ‘Edit as HTML’.
  5. Replace the old code with the one you copied from the site earlier and save it.
  6. Go back to ‘People Who Like This’ and click the ‘Remove’ button. Select ‘Permanently Ban’ and confirm.
  7. You can check if the user was successfully banned by going to ‘People Who Like This’. On the top part, click ‘Banned’. There, you’ll see the banned account.

Twitter: Snoop them out

For Twitter, you can avail the services of the following:

Faker’s App. Created by Status People, this baby allows you to see if your followers are not duds. This tool will enable you to see the amount of fakes following you along with a bit of info on your competition. It will also give you extra little tidbits of demographics on your followers.

The tool is free and already gives you the power to manually block accounts and track a maximum of five friends. The premium account has auto-block and enables you to track 15 friends.

Fakefollowers. This one gives you a random sample check of 100 followers while using a screening criteria ranging from red flags to retweets. It can check if the account is inactive as well by seeing if the user tweeted in the last 90 days or has produced less than three tweets. This was made by the Socialbakers with a marginal error of 10 to 15 percent.

Twitter Audit. This is for the big boys. This nifty tool gives you a sample containing 5000 of your followers and scores their activity through the number of tweets, date of tweets and of course the trend of followers. The free version provides the score so if you want to block your followers and the ability to re-audit, you got to go pro.

Also, note that all three of these tools require and access to your twitter account.

Instagram: Time for an exorcism

Be gone, you ghost followers. The power of technology compels you.

IGExorcist. One of the best tools for fan check-ups. This allows you to see who amongst the flock have become inactive and needs to be banished from your presence. It can do this by gathering data based on their actions like comments and likes in the past 300 days. Okay, now while it gives you the needed data, keep in mind that it doesn’t delete the followers and that it may categorize a new follower as inactive based on the numbers.

There you go, how to sniff out fakes and deal with them. You’re welcome.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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