Facebook groups and how they can help your marketing

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Facebook Groups

Facebook  – The mighty Mecca of social interaction. A place of connections. A site teeming of varied forms of businesses that aim and try to expand their social reach via Favebook Pages. Which is all and well, but they seem to have missed a very vital tool in their endeavor. Facebook Groups.

For some reason, most business owners seem to think that there is competition between Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages when in fact it is more of a symbiotic relationship. Facebook groups are actually one of the best marketing tools a person could use in terms of online businesses – may it be in the quest of gaining contacts or simple interactions with co-workers.

In fact here are some of the many perks of using FB groups in your business.

The Gathering

Unlike pages, groups can become a gathering of like minded people, people who share common interests and make interesting discussions with each other. And from these varied and sometimes even quite heated discussions, the topics would begin to branch out, breeching into different subtopics and issues that will give you a very good opportunity to introduce your company or brand.

In fact, why not gain a couple of brand ambassadors while you’re at it. Just remember to bid your time and not introduce your brand too early in the conversation. Also, don’t forget to take care of our ambassadors and nurture your relations with each other.

I scratch your back, you scratch mine

As stated above, one should learn to take care of his or her brand ambassadors. After all, brand ambassadors play a very important role when it comes to spreading good news about one’s own business.

They’re like a small band of avid fans that are ready to help you by sharing your posts and encouraging their friends and family to look your services up. And if you play your cards right, you’ll even gain more ambassadors through quality service and encouragement. It is important to empower and motivate your ambassadors, hence, the reason why one should learn how to return the favor. And nothing says ‘thank you’ more than sharing their posts or ideas with others in turn.

Where the Magic Happens

What’s nice about FB groups is its privacy setting. Through this you could control the content being posted as well as making sure that the right information gets to the right people. Groups enable you and your colleagues not only to share ideas in a more closed setting but share files as well, making it easier for everyone to communicate.

A meeting room

Aside from FB groups being a private place for you and your work buddies to discuss ideas, it can also be a meeting place of other businesses. It’s a mini-convention where you are open to the many opportunities of collaborating with others. It can be a place where advice and ideas get thrown back and forth creating a melting pot for ideas and revolutionary ventures that should change your business for the better.

Connecting the dots

Through the fluidity of conversations, you engage with various people in various groups, as your conversations progress and frequent, you will begin appearing more in their newsfeeds. It is a simple concept. The more you communicate with each other the more likely you are to receive news of each other.

There you have it. So as one can see, it is not a competition. Groups and Pages could exist in harmony. It’s a mutual relationship of sharing and communicating with each other. Therefore, it is better to make the most of your resources and improve you business.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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