Facebook Groups and how to make them really useful

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facebook groups and how to make them really useful

Facebook for your business may mean more then the obvious Facebook pages rather than profiles. Even still, are you a member of any Facebook Groups? If not, you should consider this a little nudge in that direction. Groups can be created for a variety of reasons including communication, organizing events, allowing business owners to connect more easily with their fan base, or work to boost your Facebook marketing. If you are still reading your business probably hasn’t joined a Facebook group. In that case, keep reading for the top ways joining a Facebook Group can add value to your business.

Become a part of a community

People from all over a certain region, country or the world can come together via Facebook Groups to help keep you in the buzz. Groups dedicated to certain businesses or brands are usually active and have multiple posts and discussion topics going every day. It can be hard to watch what is happening with your favourite business or brand, but by joining and interacting with a Facebook Group and you can keep up with the discussions and conversations that are happening by others in the know.

Value for your industry

Facebook groups can serve many types of people for your business, including your colleagues and others in your industry. Consider joining a group geared towards others in your field so that you can share your expertise with them, as well as learn important information yourself!

Promote yourself

This kind of advice should usually be taken with a grain of salt, since shameless self-promoting is a definite no-no. However there are specific Facebook Groups that are aimed at educating members and are a valid place to share your expertise. If you find a group where it is appropriate for you to share your business content or blog posts, don’t be afraid to do so.

Build your own community of brand ambassadors

If you can’t find an appropriate place to share your business content yourself, consider enlisting those who will. Keep an eye on your own Facebook Group for members who have the potential to working as brand ambassadors for your business. Nurture a relationship with them, consider showing them a “behind-the-scenes” of your company or product line, or even consider interviewing them for your blog. If they are active in your Facebook Group, they may be the same way across social media outlets or in real life and can be valuable to you for talking about your business.

So there are a few useful ways you can use Facebook Groups for you and your business. What groups are you a member of? How has being a Facebook group member worked for you? Please share your experiences!

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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