Facebook custom audiences – best practices and latest enhancements

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Facebook custom audiences – best practices

There have been some recent changes in how you can use Facebook marketing with the rollout of Facebook’s Custom Audiences. This feature allows you to retarget Facebook users that have visited your website at an earlier time as well as combine various data in order to make your Facebook ads more relevant. It’s a feature that is proving to be very popular with marketers. It has now been launched as a permanent function so here are 5 of Facebook custom audiences – best practices and latest enhancements you can make to your Facebook ads using Custom Audiences.

1. Retarget Website Visitors
The most basic function of Custom Audiences is to use it to re-engage those users who have “bounced” from your site (that is, visited your site but left without buying anything). This usually occurs because the visitor isn’t convinced that your product is the right one for them.
You can even retarget website visitors based on the last products they viewed on your site. You start by creating a Custom Audience based on a selection of visitors who viewed a certain product or category on your website. Then, you use Facebook advertising to re-engage those visitors with a custom offer to help motivate conversion on that product.
Using the retargeting feature of Custom Audiences gives you another chance to convert those visitors into a sale and allows them a chance to reconsider your business.

2. Retarget Mobile and Desktop Users Alike
With the rising popularity of smart phones, it is very important to have a mobile app. The thing is, mobile users don’t always purchase through the mobile app thereby converting into sales. Facebook Custom Audiences can help you market to customers who use their mobile apps for browsing but other devices for purchasing. For example, with Custom Audiences, a marketer could present someone who browses on the mobile app with a desktop-based incentive deal on Facebook which would encourage them to complete the transaction they initially researched on the mobile app. Likewise, marketers can also retarget website visitors via desktops with a mobile-targeted ad to boost conversion.

3. Use Search Histories to Retarget Facebook Users
This option takes a bit of work, but it is possible to combine Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting alongside search engine histories. You can map consumers buying intentions via search engine histories and then present relevant Facebook ads to users that fit these profiles. For example, combining the search history of “little black dresses” and Custom Audience you could retarget Facebook users who searched for “little black dresses” who are also female, between the ages 20-25 years old, with a high household income, and have completed purchases from your website within the past year. With this kind of targeting, you should see a high rate of conversion from your Facebook ads.

4. Sell More to Existing Customers
Marketing to existing, loyal customers is a great way to drive repeat sales. Not only this, but you can also easily cross sell to these people who already love your products or brand. One of the main ways you can increase sales with Custom Audiences is through existing, loyal customers. You can create new marketing ads around attracting these existing customers by re-engaging them on Facebook through incentives, promotions or products that compliment previous purchases.

5. Cultivate Leads and Engage Customers
Although social media has changed the way business marketing, email is still important for cultivating leads and for communication with your customers. Facebook Custom Audiences provides another way to cultivate your leads as well as engage existing customers. By creating new Facebook ad campaigns with the intention of reaching out to leads it can reach people faster than email. You are also more likely to reach out to people that meet your specific criteria. That same can be done for an ad campaign marketing to existing customers by creating Facebook ads that update users on new blog posts or customer events.

Facebook Custom Audiences gives you more ways to engage with visitors to your website and existing customers as well as creative ways to cultivate and reach out to leads. This new marketing solution is easy and will work within your budget. Did you like our  list of 5 Facebook custom audiences – best practices and latest enhancements? Share your experience on the comments section below.

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