Facebook ads optimisation in 12 simple steps

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facebook ads optimisation

Who doesn’t love FREE? Generating free traffic to your Facebook page is great, but paying for Facebook ads to increase your pages likes, drive website traffic and conversions can be much more realistic way of building traffic. It can be quite cost-effective too. Keep reading for 12 simple steps you can take for Facebook ads optimisation!

  1. Use the power of a happy image.

This trick has worked again and again. Images of happy, smiling people (particularly women) prove to have the highest click-through rates. There is nothing wrong with using this to your advantage! Facebook also recommends showing images of people using your products. You should also ensure that you are using the best size of image (which will vary based on your ad type) so be sure to find the optimal size for your images. Your ad image is going to compete with all of their family and friends newsfeeds; make them feel good about clicking on your ad.

  1. Use conversion tracking for optimization.

Nothing is worse than paying for ads and then having no way to tell if they are working. This problem can be easily solved by using conversion tracking that allows you to know exactly which ads led to what conversions. It’s best to know exactly what’s working, and what’s not.

  1. Don’t focus your target audience too narrowly.

It is fantastic that Facebook ads allows you to target who your ads are being shown to. However, be careful with focussing your target audience too narrowly. This could mean that only a small pool of users will see your ad. Make Facebook ad targeting work for you by creating a target audience big enough to make your ads worthwhile (about 1000-2000 minimum!).

  1. Drive conversions with Facebook offers.

Facebook offers will give you a way to prompt an action from your followers while keeping them on Facebook. Not only can you use Facebook offers to promote your products, but they are very easy to use! Boost conversions with a direct sale, such as 30% off a product.

  1. Create a clear call to action.

Every ad, whether on Facebook or your blog, should have a clear call to action. This is your opportunity to advise people what they should to do next. Facebook offers some built-in Call to Action buttons, including “Book Now”, “Contact Us” and “Sign Up”. These are some great examples to direct users to click through your Facebook ad.

  1. Use powerful images.

I’ve already mentioned a few points about the images you use for your Facebook ads. That’s because it is absolutely the most significant part of your ad. Your image will catch the attention of users as they scroll through their Facebook newsfeed. Use powerful or eye-catching images that will entirce users to want to learn more. As I said before, you are competing with the news of all of their family and friends, so choose wisely!

  1. Use scheduling for optimal times.

It can be difficult to post your ads at optimal times for your fans and followers. It can be hard to even know when the best days and times to post your ads are! For maximum clicks and conversions use schedule for your Facebook posts to reach your audience at the optimal time.

  1. Test your ads.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t be discouraged if your first ad doesn’t convert the way you thought it would. And don’t be afraid to test different variations of your Facebook ad to see which one converts best. Elements of your ad that you may consider testing could include your image, colour selections or headlined. Be creative and test what ads convert best for your business.

  1. Click through to a dedicated landing page.

If your call to actions are working, users will be clicking on your ads. Most people send that traffic to their sites homepage or product page, and this is a mistake I don’t want you to make! Make sure that the traffic from your Facebook ads is being sent to a specific landing page created for your Facebook ads. It should match the look and feel of the ad they clicked on. Conversions will be much more successful with this tip.

  1. Include text in your ad image.

There is only have so much room in your ad for you to work with, so consider using text in your ad image to help get your message across. There are many tools out there to overlay text to an image, increasing the amount of copy you can include in your total ad. Just remember that Facebook’s guidelines allow a maximum of 20% text on an image.

  1. Clearly showcase your products benefits.

Your Facebook ad should answer a user’s most pressing questions about your product – what problem will it solve? What results can be expected? Why your product and not another? Discussing a products benefits is important in any ad and the same is true for your Facebook ad. Make it clear in the copy or headline of your ad.

  1. Rotate your Facebook ads.

There is a phenomenon that you may have heard of called “banner blindness”. It is when Internet users come to ignore banner ads for the simple reason that they are constantly being blasted with them. In order to bypass this phenomenon, rotate your Facebook ads to increase the chances that users will notice your ad! It’s a simple trick that could catch the eye of potential customers.

Hey, it’s worth a try!

So there are 12 simple ways for your Facebook ads optimisation. How have these steps worked for you? Do you have any other tips or tricks? Share the in the comment section below.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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