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In the past few years, social media marketers have experienced a veritable nosedive in their Facebook organic reach. What, exactly, does this mean? Well, according to recent statistics, as many as a whopping 94 percent of your fans are unlikely to ever see the content you’re posting in their news feed! Other sources paint an even grimmer picture, predicting that organic reach will eventually drop to zero. Unfortunately, this prediction doesn’t seem so far-fetched, considering the steady decline indicated by Facebook in recent years.  But there are simple strategies that will help you expanding your Facebook reach – read on!

The culprit of this decline in organic reach is not as elusive as we might imagine. It is a product of several factors, including an increase in the average number of Facebook friends per user, the massive amount of content flooding the average user’s newsfeed on a nearly constant basis, and Facebook’s proprietary algorithm which utilizes weights to determine the content each user receives to his or her newsfeed. So how can content marketers overcome these seemingly insurmountable odds? Should we just scrap Facebook marketing altogether? Of course not! The following tips and trick will help you breathe new life into your Facebook marketing campaigns and boost your organic reach.

The most basic strategy for increasing your Facebook reach is to create strong, compelling content that is directed specifically to your target audience. If you Facebook content is interesting and engaging, your audience will see it as valuable and will be more likely to read, like, and share it, expanding your organic reach in turn. Remember to utilize a variety of content types, such as links to your blog posts, special offers, events, photos, videos, and even links to other relevant pages or blogs, in order to keep your fans coming back for more, and bringing their friends along with them.

Another key to expanding your organic reach, which coincides with the necessity for quality content, is the frequency of your posts. Generally speaking, for fans to want to stay engaged with your content on a regular basis, you need to be posting up to two or three times per day. However, depending on your subject matter and audience, you may want to experiment with post frequency to get a better idea of what works best to increase your reach. In addition, when you make these posts, encourage your readers to like and share with their Facebook friends, and to sign up for notifications so they’ll never miss a post.

It is also beneficial to be aware of the fact that not every member of your fan base is necessarily going to see your Facebook content. Perhaps they don’t have a Facebook account, or maybe they just haven’t liked your Facebook page. Whatever the case may be, your Facebook posts are almost guaranteed to get more views if you embed them on your blog or website. In this way, none of your hard work goes to waste, and you also extend the reach of your Facebook content.

If you have experimented with hashtags, post types, post lengths, and the days and times of your posts, and you find that the reach on the majority of your posts is still not up to par, it may be time to make a monetary investment in order to turn your business around and get it back on the track to success. For example, if you are about to post content that could be crucial to your business’s bottom line, such as a new ebook or a redesigned product, consider whether or not you can afford to utilize Facebook’s “boost post” option to get more eyes on your product. Then again, you may be better off asking yourself if you can afford not to!

A large portion of your organic reach may depend on the nature of your particular business model, niche, and target audience, so keep experimenting with any, or all, of the above suggestions to determine what works best for you and your business. The constants in your content marketing equation, however, should always be strong, appealing content and targeted content that caters to your niche market. If you are consistent in these two areas, you will establish a loyal audience, which will allow you to experiment with the other areas mentioned previously to increase your organic reach.

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elena Sciberras

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