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Anyone who’s ever tried to market with emails knows the truth: it is ridiculously hard to get subscribers to read them. People go through the same motions every day of scrolling through their inbox, automatically ignoring or deleting all the unimportant emails. What is the key to success then, you might ask? The answer is the email titles. In just 3-10 words you need to be creative enough to catch the attention of your subscribers. Here we’ve put together a list of the best tactics to turn your email titles from sales killers into super-profits.


  1. Strive for Relevance

People will mindlessly scroll past your emails often because they forget that an actual human being sent them. They don’t get to see the hours you spend trying to think of a creative, catchy title, or writing and researching for content. By making an email title that is both relevant to their personal lives or recent events, your subscribers will be reminded that you are more than just a mindless bot. Here’s a few examples:

  •  Feeling overwhelmed? This can help you survive the approaching holidays.
  •  Why women are taking over the marketing world
  •  Bored? Take a break from work with this
  1. Define a Mutual Enemy

Depending on what your company is trying to sell, you can usually find a common enemy between your business and your target audience. This could be Washington, Spammers, reporters, or even the IT department. Creating this common enemy will get subscribers to feel a personal connection to the email, peaking their interest and hopefully your click-through rate too.

  •  The reasons why Twitter is ruining social marketing
  •  Will Washington make your program illegal?
  •  How to stop Spamming from conquering the web

      3. Make Pop Culture References

Whether it’s geeks, students, seniors, or music fans, everyone likes being able to pick up on a pop culture reference. With your audience in mind, center your email title around one of these references. Well-known songs or albums are easiest to succeed with, while Star Wars references are sure to win over the geek crowd.

  • One ringtone to rule them all
  •  The pulp fiction of social media marketing tactics
  •  Defense against the dark arts: conquering Spammers
  1. Use Vulnerability

And I’m not talking about scare tactics here, but the tempting promise of constructive information. Call out a certain problem that would be common for your target audience to have. Then, show your subscribers how your email’s content can help fix that problem. This method works because everyone is both afraid of making mistakes, and is constantly trying to overcome challenges. Here are a few examples that will get subscribers eager to hear what you have to say:

  • Why workaholics might be in the wrong
  • How setting goals can harm your company
  •  8 ways you could be hurting your business
  1. Gain Your Audience’s Trust

The best way to do this is to peak subscribers’ interest right off the bat. Don’t even give them a chance to lose interest in what you have to say! Right after you gain them as a subscriber, send out your highest-quality content that they’ll be sure to value. By gaining their trust as a quality supplier of helpful information, you have less work due do farther down the road to increase your engagement rates and the overall success of your emails.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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