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Content marketing success in 90 days shares one of the most effective content marketing tip you can possibly ever hope to hear.

Answer your prospects’ top 30 questions

That’s it. Do it and enjoy the magic.

Your prospects aren’t going to buy your stuff until they get the answers they seek. Listen closely to the questions. Write them down. Then make each question the title of a blog post and publish the answers.

If you can’t get to 30 in a hurry (I’m thinking three days max), ask for a hand from other people across your company. Go to sales and support first. They get the big important questions.

But ask everybody. Everyone in your company answers questions every day. If they don’t, cut ‘em lose. What purpose do they serve?

Surpass 90 percent of the market in 90 days

Here’s the beautiful appendix to the most effective content marketing tip ever. Call it the most effective content marketing ramp-up plan ever.

Create 90 pieces of content in 90 days based on the 30 questions.

  • Create 30 blog posts. The headline is the question. The copy is the answer. Immensely simple. Ridiculously valuable.
  • Make 30 videos. Same topics. You might change the title ever so slightly. A lot of people would rather watch than read. Don’t get all worked up about the fact you’re not a professional video producer. Select the person best qualified to answer the question, point your digital device at them and press record.
  • Make 30 podcasts. Why? A lot of people choose to listen, rather than read or watch. If your videos are talking heads (professional video speak), your podcast can simply be the audio track of your video.

Go with this sequence: post, video, podcast. Repeat 29 times. Or go with this: 30 posts, 30 videos, 30 podcasts. Whatever floats your boat.

That’s 90 pieces of content I see you cranking out in 90 days—minimum. These 90 pieces of vital content could easily become 90 more in the form of eBooks, infographics, and the like. Also, they’ll inspire heaps and heaps of new content ideas. You’ll see.

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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