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It seems like everyone on social media is lately obsessed with “growth hacking.”   You know, finding quick solutions to things like SEO for your new website, or gathering as many followers as you can on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. But what most of these people don’t realize is that what they are doing is, in fact, plain and simple marketing! We’ve assembled a list of 5 essential hacks to change the entire marketing approach you have towards your social media content.

1. Know Your Twitter Cards

While tweeting may not be the method of choice for most online marketers, it is more useful than you’d think. Twitter actually has several features designed specifically to help you market beyond those 40 characters. There are currently three types of Twitter cards you can use to your marketing advantage:

Photo Cards

This card is the simplest, allowing you to show a photo along with your tweet. Your followers can then decide whether to ‘hide’ or ‘show’ your photo in their Twitter feed.

Summary Cards

Want people to get a taste of an article you’ve recently written, but can’t do so in 40 characters? This card allows you to show a preview of the content you’re sharing, which includes the headline, author, and first couple sentences of the article. (This is all displayed within your tweet, slightly similar to a photo card.)

Player Cards

This card allows you to include either an audio file or a video file within your tweet. And everyone knows, the marketing possibilities involving a video are endless!

2. Facebook Sharing Hack

Marketing through Facebook posts is made way too easy with the ‘Share’ button. But say you have people share a link to specific page on your website. How can you best advertise your content? By knowing this: Facebook automatically displays the picture on the linked page that has the highest resolution. Make your most important picture the one with the highest resolution, and pair it with a catchy title to ace the marketing for your website.

3. Pinterest‘s Rich Pins

Despite what you’d think, Pinterest as a tool for marketing has become more and more common in recent days. But instead of just pinning simple pictures, make sure to use Pinterest’s feature called ‘rich pins’. Extremely simple to create, these pins allow you to add tons of information below your photos. There are in total five types of rich pins (article, recipe, movie, product, and place), so by a little quick research these pins can easily help you advertise, no matter what your business type is.

4. Yes, You Can Use Google +

While not the front-runner for advertising in the social media world, Google + is definitely useful for business marketing. The true hack for marketing successfully, however, is to utilize ‘Interactive posts’. It is true that these are difficult to get the hang of, but once mastered there are an infinite number of marketing possibilities available. Interactive posts are unique because they allow you to add different buttons (with over 100 to choose from) to your post. These could include prompts for product reviews, polls, comments, audio clips, and anything else you can think of.

5. Make Instagram Even More Useful

Instagram is arguably the most useful forms of social media for marketing purposes. But many people aren’t aware of an essential Instagram hack: Geo-tagging. First of all, Geo-tagging is basically the same as Facebook’s location option, but this time you simply add it to your freshly-filtered photos. Once the photo is Geo-tagged with the location of your business, your followers can then look at a map of your location. This would allow them to easily find where you are located, and also link them to reviews of your business or the company website. Marketing gold.

 And one more ingenious hack for if your business has multiple locations and you can’t pinpoint a specific spot: use Geo-tagging anyway! Simply use the tag to add more information to your post by creating a “new location” and naming it whatever you’d like. The location is always displayed at the very top of the post, which means it is in the prime spot to instead include an additional caption to your post.

Did you like our content hacks? Share yours tips and tricks in the comments section below!



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elena Sciberras

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