10 content tips to keep clients in the buying mood

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content tips to keep clients in the buying mood

We put together a few simple and effective tried out tips and advice on how to create a content to keep clients in the buying mood:

  • Forget individuals, try to make content that make groups to form and like-minded people get together, talk and share
  • If you find yourself bored creating content for your social media, then you’re trying to take more that you’re giving. Time to rethink this strategy!
  • Before publishing anything, read it to yourself and see if an actual person would talk this way. If not – edit, edit, edit. Be a human, not a sales-machine!
  • No matter how many employees you have, make your social media channels to have a voice of a real person with a real name and real life whether it’s you or someone else. People prefer to talk to people not pages and accounts.
  • Find types of posts people like and share the most and then try to recreate them on all your media channels in a suitable way.
  • Always recycle your content hits, but never overdo it!
  • Try to offer practical tips, advice, solutions to problems – this type of content gets shared the most and builds trust to your brand.
  • Don’t become too cocky or know-it-all, every time you publish a tip or a solution, ask your audience about their best tricks. You will not only learn a lot, but engage more people. Re-post best tips from your followers, they will love it!
  • Prettify everything! For any kind of business but especially for those that target women, aesthetics and cuteness is the key to clients’ credit cards.
  • Choose your writing style and stick to it! Certain brands can get away with some swearing or use of community slang, which is ok. You just have to be consistent, not super-official one day and “what up bi****s” the next.

Did you like our tips on how to  keep clients in the buying mood? What are your best advice  for great, engaging and sales-effective content?

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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