Cheaper and better converting Facebook ads – they are real!

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cheaper and better converting facebook ads

You may not be getting the results you were waiting for from your Facebook ads but you are definitely not alone. These poor results are most likely be because you’re treating your Facebook ads the same way you would other advertising and marketing campaigns, like Google ads, for example. The catch is, they’re not the same.

Advertising with Google, or other search engine providers, draws consumers to your ads and site after they have already searched for you. These people were looking for a product or service that you offer, typed that into their search bar, saw your ad and clicked on it. These same people were already interested in what you were selling and, potentially, were already ready to make a purchase.

On the other hand, your Facebook ads are appearing to users that are primarily socializing and browsing. They’re interested in the updates in their news feed, browsing profile pictures and reading their friend’s posts. When one of these users actually does click on an ad, it’s because something has caught their attention.

So, where are these Cheaper and better converting Facebook ads I was talking about? Well, they are real! And here’s how you can create a successful Facebook campaign for those uber-cool ads.

It’s actually quite simple. Essentially there are only two things that you need to do to achieve this:

1)      Target your ads to an audience that is more likely to click on your ad.

You are given many options to directly target an audience that will be interested in what you’re advertising, but be careful with these options. These are the keys for getting your ad to your target audience. For example, men buy things for women and vice versa. So don’t target a specific gender since you’ll be eliminating half of your potential audience. Instead, use other demographics available to find your target audience. For example, you can target people in relationships, by level of education they have and their occupation. Where as selecting by gender is not advisable, selecting an age group is. Make sure your target age group isn’t too large (best to start between 5 – 20 years).

2)      Make your ad stand out from everything else on someone’s news feed.

Like I said early, people aren’t primarily searching for products or services while perusing their Facebook news feed. So you have to create killer content for your Facebook ad. Catch their attention as people scroll down through their news feed. Make sure that your copy explains what consumers will get when they click through the ad. There is nothing people hate more than clicking on a false or misleading ad – it’s a waste of their time and your reputation. Use bright colors and catchy headlines. Also, photos are important so take some time to find one that works!

There are other ways to draw consumers to click your ads, like targeting existing fans and friends of your business. Consider targeting people who have liked your page with special deals. Or upload your e-mail list to find these users on Facebook. However, the two simple points listed above CAN give you cheaper and better converting Facebook ads – for real!

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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