Changing your online reputation – 5 new ways

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Changing your online reputation

Anyone who knows anything about the internet has seen that there can be some not-so-nice opinions out there. So of course your product, business, or brand is bound to get some negative feedback online mixed in with those positive comments you were striving for. But what if your business just keeps getting overwhelmingly bad feedback fromcustomers? Lucky for you, this can be solved by changing a few of the ways you approach your customer service and online tactics. These five tips will help with changing your online reputationboth quickly and easily:

1. Admit ALL Your Mistakes, and Fix Them ASAP

Certain issues or bugs within your product or site may seem small and unimportant to you, as a customer service agent. But odds are if the customer took the time to voice their complaint, the issue is a big deal to them!

Whenever you get a complaint, respond to the customer as soon as you can. Leaving them hanging will only make them more impatient with their company, and could lead to further online reputation bashing by them. Next, do your best to resolve the issue. And if it is a major problem that you can’t quite solve, fill the customer in. Keep them updated on your continued attempts to react to their complaint, proving that your company honestly cares about quality customer service.

2. Have Patience With Difficult Customers

People with history in the customer service industry know that often times, it is actually the customer’s fault. Despite this, said customer will continue to insult and put down your company, angry and not realizing that their own actions were the source of error.

One of the best ways to improve your online reputation is to handle this situation correctly: with lots of patience. Figure out the source of the problem, and as politely as possible explain to the disgruntled customer how the issue can be avoided in the future. Hint: if customers realize their error on their own, without you telling them, they are often extremely polite about it. There have also been many instances of these people then posting positive feedback and complimenting customer service for being so understanding!

3. Don’t Shy Away From Humor

Nothing is more likely to bring out a positive response from the internet like a little humor. Try including a GIF, meme, or other form of witty humor to create a more laid-back atmosphere when answering a simple question. This has been especially successful on Twitter, where users can Retweet your witty responses and give you further positive media attention. And anyways, who wants to work with a company that is serious (and boring) all the time?

 4. Join Conversations, Even if You Aren’t In Them

Now I don’t mean you should insert yourself into any old internet conversation. But if you come across web-surfers discussing a problem they’ve had with your brand or product, make sure you don’t miss out on a perfect opportunity to answer their questions or comments. Try joining the conversation by acknowledging that you noticed their less-than-satisfied opinion of your company, and offer to help in any way you can. Don’t sound imposing or annoying to customers, but rather act as a concerned representative of your business who is only there to help.

5. Go All Out To Help

Sometimes responding to a customer complaint may not be so easy as hitting the reply button. To really change your online reputation to one of outstanding customer service, your company should always go the extra mile to reach out and help. For example, say you come across a Facebook post, set to Private, where a customer is not so fond of your latest product. Go all out by finding another separate way to contact this customer, like via email, and offering to help them as best you can.

And once the problem is resolved, finish off by showing them some empathy, and proving to customers that you are human. Customers don’t want help from mindless drones, they want help from people who care! If your customer service responses show care and compassion, your online reputation will become one that all your customers will trust.

Did you like our tips about changing your online reputation? Share your advice in the comments section below!
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elena Sciberras

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