Branding and Optimization Tactics from the Best YouTube Marketers

Branding and Optimization Tactics from the Best YouTube Marketers

Whether you know it or not, all of your favorite YouTube channels have worked on their branding and optimization. Even the silliest of channels, like Smosh, have really professional level branding amongst their juvenile humour. I am going to take a deeper look at some of the YouTube celebrities so that you can understand branding from a YouTube marketing perspective. The goal is to help you get more views, more subscribers, and a little bit of fame for you or your company. Let’s look at the most successful Branding and Optimization Tactics from the Best YouTube Marketers

Effective YouTube Branding practices

Let’s get back to those Smosh guys and their branding. When they first started out, and I’m old enough to remember this, they were just two goofy guys with a webcam. They made a really stupid video of themselves goofing around to the Mortal Kombat theme song. When that was a hit the followed up with other theme songs, Pokemon being their next big hit.

What they may or may not have realized at this point is that they were establishing a brand via their content. They were the goofy guys who made theme song videos. Having a clear goal for the type of content you’ll produce is your very first, and most important branding decision. The next steps will be:

  • Creating a professional land custom set of profile and header images
  • Having a regular posting schedule. Youtube audiences respond best when they know when to show up and watch your newest video.
  • If your video has a steady host, using a backdrop that establishes a familiar ‘place’ for your videos to be filmed. Ray William Johnson did that with his well known Watchmen comic book backdrop.
  • Creating Youtube thumbnails with a consistent look to them. Do not use the images selected by YouTube from your video. Those are only consistently terrible. Learn more about creating eye-popping YouTube thumbnails.
  • Use a regular presentation style. Watch that video from Ray I linked to above. You’ll see he uses the same ‘Cool Transition’ between segments, and the same ending song.
  • Speaking of his ending song, intros and outros are another important element of branding. not only will they help establish your image, every video being the same, but you can also use outros to link to other videos.

These types of branding techniques need to all work together so that you can start building an ‘impression’ on YouTube users. More than anything they’re going to remember how they felt when watching your videos, attach an image to your videos that they’ll remember more than the brief video they watched.

Everyone can use a good slogan

If you don’t have a slogan on your YouTube channel you’ll never leave the computer screen and become a part of your fan’s lives. Slogans are the phrases we learn and use in our own lives when talking to friends, or just when we think of the show.

  • Ray William Johnson: “I’m Ray William Johnson, and I approve this message.”
  • PewDiePie: “How’s it going, bros? My name’s Pew Die Pie.” With his name being said in a high pitched voice while he wiggles his fingers in front of his face.
  • How it Should Have Ended: “Because I’m BATman!”
  • Epic Meal Time: “On our next episode we eat ______.”
  • Philip DeFranco: “I love yo’ faces.”
  • Smosh: “SHUT! UP!”

TV shows have been doing this for as long as there has been TV. From the Fonze’s “aaaay,” to Homer’s “D’oh!” you can’t deny the power of a good slogan or catchy line. Anyone can create a YouTube channel that’s watched, but it takes a good slogan to get people to really LOVE your channel and bring it into their daily life. Speaking of which, I need to lay off yelling “Because I’m BATMAN!”

Now watch below as Epic Meal Time bring this all together in one video. They have the logo profile image and custom header. A custom thumbnail for each video. They film in the same kitchen every episode. Their presentation style is unmistakable. And they have the same outro that links to different videos each time.


SEO tactics for YouTube

It all depends on the type of YouTube channel you’re creating with SEO. Some people are pure comedy channels, making ‘comedy’ a tough SEO to go after. Others are markets with a product they’d like to sell, and would like to optimize for search.

Either way, SEO is going to play a role in people finding you, branding is what’s going to keep them coming back. Getting people to remain interested in you is the real challenge and I recommend that you spend more time on it than on SEO.

Your first step in any SEO campaign is to target specific keywords. The odds are good that if you are building a YouTube channel you already have a website. That website will have data about what people are using to find you. Those are going to be words you’ll want to use.

The other obvious tool is Goodle’s Adwords. I’m on there at least twice a week looking to tweak language slightly to better attract searchers. Find out if “water cooler” is search for more often than “water coolers” and plan your keywords around that. Every little tweak is what optimization is all about.

Once you have those keywords ready in a spreadsheet you can start entering them in your:

  • Title: You’re optimizing for search and for people here. Don’t keyword stuff and keep your grammar correct. If you have to change your grammar to something incorrect to make a keyword fit it’s time to rethink the entire title.
  • Description: You might see this big empty space and think you can fill it with keywords, but you’re wrong. Your first goal is to optimize it for readers. The first sentence, which displays in search results, needs to be right to the point. Fit your keyword here once, and fit it naturally.
  • Tags: Again, this is not a spam moment. Use your relevant keywords that fit the video, find a few synonyms that work, and connect with other categories that are related to your video content.

The last SEO tip I want to give you is all about multilingual SEO. YouTube is used by people all over the whole world. With English being the most popular second language, it may not hurt to appeal to those who are searching for your content in a different language. They may be searching in German, but if they find your video via a German keyword search but also speak English …more views for you!

The screenshot below is taken from this video by Funtoy Collector. Notice how she uses multilingual SEO in an appropriate way:

Did you like our Branding and Optimization Tactics from the Best YouTube Marketers? Do you have any cutting edge video optimization techniques that you feel I’ve missed? Let’s discuss them in the comment below!

Author bio:

Ernest Thompson is social marketer with a love for video on YouTube. From creation, to share, to upload, and especially social sharing, he’s always interested and invested in the process. You can learn more about his YouTube views service at the link, or you can ask him about YouTube marketing ideas in the comment section below! His favorite YouTube channel is probably Epic Rap Battles of History, but he also enjoys Epic Meal Time.


How to get your videos to go viral

get your videos to go viral

Only on the internet can the word ‘viral’ be a good thing. After all, what’s the point of showing things off if it doesn’t get the attention you want it to have. In the age of trends and social media hype, videos have become one of the most shared and viewed things on the internet. So here are some tips on how to  get your videos to go viral and increase the chances of your video to be seem by millions.

1. Content is key.

This is the most basic requirement for videos, especially the advertising ones. It has to be catchy, interesting and unique. It needs to be able to grasp the viewers’ attention and make them want to share it. Content is the main ingredient in keeping your video alive so give this one some extra time and creativity to make it pretty inside and out. Also, don’t forget to keep it adequately timed, which means, no lengthy stuff.

2. Sharing is loving.

Ignore the views. The views mean nothing compared to the shares because it’s the shares that makes your videos viral. Therefore, make sure that your video can be shared through sites like Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter and to the many other social sites of today. Also, take note on who shares your videos because it only takes one celeb or two big blogs to make your number of shares rise. Remember, getting people or blogs with a large following to share your video is a very big step in your goal.

3. Timing is everything.

Did you know that posting videos during Mondays and/or Tuedays gives you a higher chance to attain viral status compared to the weekends and holidays? No? Well, now you do. Timing is really important when it comes to videos, it needs to be a current issue or something pretty timeless to get people to share it. In addition, the first 24 hours is like your make or break timeframe, the longer your videos goes on without views or shares, the more unlikely it is to go viral.

4. Get an awesome title.

I kid you not. A good title is the first thing that catches your viewers’ attention. Without a good title, your video will most likely be missed and shoved off, forever ignored. So make sure to keep things straightforward and understandable. No flowery words. Aim for the goal and what the viewers want to see. Quick and efficient.

5. Grab it and go.

Make the most of your 15 minutes of fame. Viral videos spread fast and die fast so make sure that you’ve done what you needed before it fades. Grab the opportunities, enter every door, do not wallow or think that this type of attention will last.

6. Keep them talking.

It’s important for your video to encourage discussion. It keeps it alive and gives it a higher chance of getting shared. However, be prepared for the negative backlash every video gets. Don’t let it get to you. Do not expect everyone to love it. There will be dislikes. Take it like a mature human being and move on. Do not wallow in a dark corner allowing your self-esteem to crumble.

7. Scratch some backs.

Another way of getting shares is through your sponsors. You can do this by mentioning the products, the music and even the clothes you used in the making of the video. In return for the advertisement, they’ll share your videos. It won’t always work but it’s worth the try.

There you have it with these tips and a bit of luck on your side, your video might just achieve viral status. Have fun and good luck.

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All you need to know about using videos in email

Here’s a naturally accepted assumption. People love videos. Apart from its entertainment value, it gives us a bit of education and inspiration as well. Why do you think websites like YouTube got so famous? However, other than the aforementioned perks of videos did you know that videos can be sent via email and be used as a marketing tool? No? Well, now you know. Read this article to learn all you need to know about using videos in email

So why email? Aren’t ads and the usual marketing stuff enough to improve one’s conversions rates and income? Well it’s not that it’s not enough, it’s more along the lines of, the possible improvements you could make by adopting this rather new method of marketing, like a 44% rise in your online sales for example. No, this is not an exaggeration.

Yes, admittedly, using a video in an email, is not really that in yet. But, here’s the thing, popularity isn’t always a good thing. It can become overused and passé. Trying or doing something new can help boost your business’ unique qualities, giving it a more original and human feel to it. It’s more personalized, making the viewers see you, the seller, not just a marketing blob hidden behind the fancy webpage and products.  

Another perk in using videos is the basic fact that more people are easily drawn to it. As mentioned earlier, people love it. In modern society, people usually just give ads a once over and move on, and whether we accept it or not, reading through ads or business articles is not something a person would make as a hobby. But videos? It’s easier to convince a person to watch one rather than read something awe inspiring. (Wait, please don’t go!)

In addition, it’s pretty cost effective once you managed to get the hang of it and all those rise in conversion rates, site clicks and online buyers makes it all worth it. Video presentations work quite well with training courses, product demos, promotions as well as customer testimonials. Now, if you’re still interested, let’s all carry on shall we.

There are three common ways to use a video in an email:

1. Embedding

This will basically make the video play directly inside the email making it quite convenient. This is compatible with IOS devices, not Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird 13. I know what you’re thinking, what about Gmail, Yahoo Mail and all the others?

Here’s the downfall of embedding, they’re not supported by Google and Yahoo!. Why am I paying close attention to these two? It’s because Google has 40% of the webmail market share while Yahoo has 21% which basically makes 51% of your market unable to watch the embedded video.

However, there is also the advent of ActiveMail which is a program that enables you to view videos in your email. It’s easy to download and is compatible with emails from Google, Yahoo!, Outlook and even Hotmail.

2. Use of .gifs

We see them in 9gag. We see them in Tumblr. But in emails? No, not really. But we like them anyway right? They’re entertaining, short yet long enough to tell a story. You could make one as a summarized teaching guide through your website. If you’re up to it, you can make your video into a .gif by using those GIF generators. Another good alternative is to make into a link to a video.

This method has a wider range of compatibility, Gmail and Yahoo are of course included. So if you want to give videos in emails a try, .gifs are not bad.

3. Static Images

Don’t want to be bothered by incompatibility risks? Try this. Instead of watching the video directly in the inbox, the person is directed to another site mostly likely the owner’s webpage or even YouTube via the static image link.

A word of caution, even though it’s easier to just post your videos on YouTube, you won’t be able to easily raise your conversion unlike when the video is in your own webpage. This also applies if the video is in the receiver’s inbox.  

Now, that we’ve established the methods, it’s time for some tips because what self-respecting guide doesn’t offer tips.

Just remember the word, KISS. Keep it sweet and simple. By sweet, it has to be entertaining enough to keep the watcher’s attention, boredom is not allowed. You have like two to five minutes maximum, entertain your audience. Also, don’t forget to be all creative and unique while presenting, people love that thing.

Did you like our article about all you need to know about using videos in email? Share your thought and experience in the comments section below!


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