Tap in to a 1 Billion Audience for your product or site

Billion Audience for your product or site

Remember those Podcast things that where cool a few years back but seemed to sort of go out of fashion? Well they are back and with a vengeance and being listened by hundreds of millions of people who are part of Apple’s ITunes, Google Play, Amazon. Their Audiences are available for the taking.

A New Way to get website traffic without relying on google and Social Media

Podcasts (that’s audio recordings to you and me) are right now one of the fastest easiest ways to get followers and build your traffic.

By putting your recordings where there is already a billion audience waiting to pick them up.

These guys here put it way better than I ever could in their video HERE so go ahead and check it out.


10 Good Reasons why Podcasts are easy, within your reach, and massive online sales drivers!

  • Anyone with a microphone can make a podcast (yes, even you)
  • There are 500,000 new people joining every day
  • Amazon, Apple and Google are putting you in front of their audience
  • Nearly everyone has podcast playing device in their pocket (nearly every mobile phone)
  • People spend hours in their cars and need your content to stop them going crazy and succumbing to road rage. (So you are doing something for the community J)
  • People subscribe to podcasts so each new one you create will automatically download to their phone
  • Because it would be remiss of you not to check out this piece of software that takes this in hand and does it for you
  • Because as a web site owner competing in a tough marketplace you need an edge, something a little different something that is going to stand out without breaking the bank.
  • Because cheap ways of getting endless flows of traffic don’t come along often.


Click Here to find out about boosting your business through podcasts

Take out 5 Minutes of your time and let me know what you think

Your business burns your time, your midnight oil, your family’s attention, your partner’s romantic time, your friend’s birthday parties, your time at the gym, the walks of the dog, your time doing what YOU want to.

You owe it to yourself to at least watch the videos and learn how the next generation of successful businesses are going to do it!

Watch the Audello video on leveraging traffic from distribution networks HERE

So, would you like to Tap in to a 1 Billion Audience for your product or site?

Written by James Martin – Social Media Buzz Product Advocate