8 tips on getting more Pinterest followers

Everything’s more fun when you can share it with people, which is probably why Pinterest is just so much better when you have lots of followers. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Most Pinterest users struggle to accumulate more followers outside of their real-life friends and family. So how can you get people throughout the world to see what great stuff you’ve been pinning? Follow these 8 tips and you’ll be on your way to be getting more Pinterest followers:

1. Use Other Social Media
Odds are you have followers on other sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter who also have their own Pinterest accounts. Take advantage of this by linking and connecting to your Pinterest profile on these other social platforms. This will help you gain followers from the family, friends, and other followers you have already successfully gathered. You can also advertise your individual boards or Pins to persuade followers to revisit your profile.

2. Keywords & #Hashtags
Pinterest has a handy ‘Search’ feature where you can type in a keyword and see all the Pins containing that subject. Use this feature to look for Pins on a certain subject; if you find that a certain topic is very popular, then try focusing your future Pins on those! Also, be sure to include both hashtags and keywords in all of your Pins so that people can find you whenever they search.

3. Post Original Content
Studies show that the majority of Pinterest posts are re-pinned photos. Set your profile apart from the others by inventing and pinning brand new content in addition to re-pinning photos. By continually posting photos that people haven’t seen before, you can greatly increase your follower count and overall Pinterest interactions.

4. Give a Shout Out
Know of a huge Pinterest profile with tons of followers you’d like to snag? Take a particularly good pin and find a way to mention that @someone_else in the photo description. This will ensure that @someone_else will become aware of your page, and possibly lead to them re-pinning your photo or even following you themselves!

5. Follow People
This is the easiest tip to follow: just follow lots of other pages! Doing so will increase your chances of these other people following you back. And if they don’t follow you back after say, a month, then don’t wait up for them. Unfollow those who aren’t following you back, and instead follow a whole new group of people to repeat the process.

6. Maintain a Great Profile
This may seem like common sense, but it’s actually more helpful than you’d think. Sometimes the only reason for not gaining more followers is the content and frequency of what you pin. For example, make sure to not blow up the feed of your followers’ Pinterests. Instead, space out your pins over a certain length of time, so they never get sick of you. Another helpful tip: stick to the topics within your boards. Nothing annoys followers more than seeing a Pin about the latest football game mixed in a board of recipe ideas.

7. Embrace the Holidays
Pinterest is one of the best sources for holiday recipes, decorating ideas, and overall party brainstorming. Make your followers happy and post festivity-related pins like these around the holidays. You can even make a specific board for each holiday, drawing in new followers who mainly use Pinterest for these types of ideas.

8. Start a Contest
This is mainly for the Pinterest pages of larger companies, but not exclusively: hold a contest for your followers only. For example, offer a $250 prize to one lucky follower of yours who re-pins 5 of your best photos. Not only does this give you more publicity through the re-pinning, but you’ll gain tons of followers eager to win the cash prize.

Did you like our tips on getting more Pinterest followers? Share your in the comments below!

Pinterest Tests Promoted Pins For Businesses

Pinterest announced today two new products that should help small and medium businesses reach more people: do-it-yourself Promoted Pins and updated analytics.

Do-it-yourself Promoted Pins

Pinterest added a do-it-yourself Promoted Pins tool so businesses of any size can promote their Pins to reach more people and get visits back to their website. These Promoted Pins will be available on a cost-per-click basis through ads.pinterest.com.

At the moment Pinterest is testing the tool out with a small group of businesses, including vineyard vines, Nicole Miller and Shutterfly.

If you’d like to try Promoted Pins, sign up. We’ll be in touch when we’re ready for you to get started.

New and improved analytics

Pinterest analytics got a refresh as well!

In addition to seeing what people are Pinning from your website, you’ll also be able to see how Pins from your Pinterest profile are performing. We’ll tell you which of your Pins and boards are driving the most impressions, clicks and repins. We’ll also clue you in to Pins that drive engagement across different platforms.

You’ll be able to see the updated analytics tool on analytics.pinterest.com. We’re rolling it out slowly to make sure everything works, but all business accounts should get access soon.

Don’t have a business account? Sign up and start adding your own Pins. You’ll need a business account to use both of these new tools.

– See more at: http://business.pinterest.com/en/blog/new-tools-businesses#sthash.2NNClKpm.dpuf

Read full article on Pinterest Business blog

More info here

Pinterest Places for business benefit

Pinterest-places-for-business benefit

You thought Pinterest was just a place where bored college kids spent their evenings looking up memes? Well think again! With the right approach, Pinterest can actually be used to help promote your business. How, exactly, is this done? Read our guide on how to use Pinterest Places for business benefit.

With the help of the one and only Pinterest Places: a handy little feature that allows you to add a map of pinned locations to any of your boards. Here are some business ideas for Pinterest Places to get you started:

Where are you?

The easiest way for Pinterest Places to promote your business is by simply pinning all of your company locations onto the map. For companies that are way too big to possibly pin every location (think McDonalds or Walmart), there’s a little wiggle room to be creative. These big companies could, for example, make a different board for each country, or only pin their highest-income locations.

Show off your connections

Does your company sell unique products purchased or originating from around the world? Then advertise this through a Pinterest board! Pinterest Places would here give you a whole new advertising tactic. Pin all the locations where your products were created, along with pictures of those countries’ culture and landscapes. This simple board will make your business seem more connected and appear ready to conquer the world.

Locate your customers

People interested in your business will want to know whether you’re local or on a bigger scale. By pinning the locations of all the clients you’ve worked with, you accomplish two things. First, you can personally keep track of where your customers are located. And secondly, Pinterest users who look at your board will see the geographic scale your company has covered.

But what about the local businesses? These small companies could instead make a map of where all of their customers are originally from rather than where they currently live. This gives a much greater potential to your map. It also can create a sense of community among your customers: something all businesses thrive on.

Personalize based on customer locations

Companies operating on a global scale know that their customers in Canada have different interests than customers in Miami. One way to accommodate this: first, make a map of all the current locations of your customers. Then add pins with tips and suggestions regarding your product, specific to each location. For example, a coffee shop would advertise their newest hot chocolate for those in Canada, but their newest iced mocha for those in Miami.

Show your local love

If you have a business with only a few locations spread across a country or state, then this last tip is perfect for your marketing. For each pinned spot on the map, created a pin with a local picture and information about that specific location. (Think a tourist’s travel brochure.) Customers love when they can identify personally with a business. Including this board would prove to them that your company is run by real people who care about the city or state they operate in.


What not to do on social media – 15 DON’Ts!

This article highlights a few simple rules to follow when posting and communicating on social media either as an individual or a business. What not to do on social media:

1)      DON’T try to get from people more than you are offering. It’s networking, it’s supposed to be fun, not just business. Be useful, give more than you take!

2)      DON’T bombard people with offers and special discounts on a daily basis. Try and establish the number of promotional posts and balance them with more entertaining and useful posts or even publish one promo-post per certain number of likes and shares that your normal content posts get.

3)      DON’T be impersonal, detached, don’t write in a third person. Instead be a real human being with your own life and preferences, with a real name even when posting from your business fan page.

4)      DON’T use lazy grammar and intentional mistakes. Not cool. No, not even a bit!

5)      DON’T tag people on your photos if you’re not 100% sure they are ok with it and expecting it. People hate being embarrassed and the chance is high they will unlike/unfriend you for good!

6)      DON’T automatically repost your Twitter posts on Facebook and vice versa. You can use the same but slightly modified content for different social media platforms but never post on Facebook your actual Twitter posts via any kind of “convenient” software.

7)      DON’T Like your own posts. Enough said!

8)      DON’T invite people to like your new fan page, it’s like begging on the street full of people you know.. There are less dumb ways to do so! Create great sharable engaging content for your new page and just share it couple of times on your personal profile. If people like it they will “Like it”!

9)      DON’T use your page to re-share urban legends, petitions and even charities. You will only annoy people. If you want to do something good, organize it properly yourself!

10)   DON’T fail to ignore trolls and pointless criticizers. Try to reply to messages and posts that have constructive criticism and customer support related questions but ignore plain haters and people who constantly try to bring you down.

11)   DON’T jump in to fight in the comments section. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. If you got an offending comment give yourself a couple of hours, relax, calm down and ask for advice, if you can. It’s always better to remain classy and keep the face, just like in real life.

12)   DON’T try to be on every social media platform all the time just for the sake of being everywhere. Analyse where most of your clients come from and use regularly and concentrate your effort on 2-3 most important social media.

13)   DON’T try to do everything yourself. It’s nice to think that social media is a free way of advertising, but if you spend too much time on it, you are losing money you could be making otherwise. If you’re not experienced enough you can do more harm than good. Don’t be afraid to find a social media consultant you trust and who fits our budget.

14)   DON’T ignore a follower who commented or sent you a message. These people are gold, they are already considering you as a buying choice, so go there and build a conversation with them. Offering a special personal discount works well too!

15)   DON’T use caps lock. Incredibly enough not all people have learned to never SHOUT IN CAPITAL LETTERS online. Especially this concerns small business owners who try to attract attention to their special offers. Just don’t do it, please!

Here’s is our take on simple social media etiquette – what are your tips on what not to do on social media?

10 content tips to keep clients in the buying mood

content tips to keep clients in the buying mood

We put together a few simple and effective tried out tips and advice on how to create a content to keep clients in the buying mood:

  • Forget individuals, try to make content that make groups to form and like-minded people get together, talk and share
  • If you find yourself bored creating content for your social media, then you’re trying to take more that you’re giving. Time to rethink this strategy!
  • Before publishing anything, read it to yourself and see if an actual person would talk this way. If not – edit, edit, edit. Be a human, not a sales-machine!
  • No matter how many employees you have, make your social media channels to have a voice of a real person with a real name and real life whether it’s you or someone else. People prefer to talk to people not pages and accounts.
  • Find types of posts people like and share the most and then try to recreate them on all your media channels in a suitable way.
  • Always recycle your content hits, but never overdo it!
  • Try to offer practical tips, advice, solutions to problems – this type of content gets shared the most and builds trust to your brand.
  • Don’t become too cocky or know-it-all, every time you publish a tip or a solution, ask your audience about their best tricks. You will not only learn a lot, but engage more people. Re-post best tips from your followers, they will love it!
  • Prettify everything! For any kind of business but especially for those that target women, aesthetics and cuteness is the key to clients’ credit cards.
  • Choose your writing style and stick to it! Certain brands can get away with some swearing or use of community slang, which is ok. You just have to be consistent, not super-official one day and “what up bi****s” the next.

Did you like our tips on how to  keep clients in the buying mood? What are your best advice  for great, engaging and sales-effective content?

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Who will benefit from Pinterest and who won’t?

Benefit from Pinterest

Pinterest is for girls. Pinterest is a waste of time. Pinterest is to collect recipes.

Yes, all above is correct, but wait a bit. If you still in doubt whether you need Pinterest for your specific business or not here are some thoughts from our side.

Read to learn who will benefit from Pinterest and who won’t.


Food, Drink, Catering, Restaurant, Bar, Shop, Fashion, Clothes, Beauty, DIY, Kids, Cars, Craft, Travel, Weddings, Art, Home and Garden, Fitness, General Health, Pets and Animals.

This list can be continued but if you found yourself above stop thinking and start collecting existing imagery. Take more photos and maybe organize some photo-shoots for your products or services. Pinterest is extremely visual and incredible rewarding for people who like to get creative and are passionate about the beautiful side of their business. There are a lot of small businesses who build most of their clients’ lists and audiences on Pinterest and you can be one of them. Good news – many unique images that you create for Pinterest can be used on other social media especially on Instagram which is also about images and aesthetics.

But what about more service oriented businesses? What if things that you do are not visual or attractive? Does a lawyer, accountant, copywriter, electrician or IT-consultant needs Pinterest?

The easiest thing is to say “no” and spend your time on other social media channels. But here are a few interesting examples of businesses that decided to give Pinterest a chance and succeeded!

A plumber and Pinterest
Even though it’s quite unlikely to get a lot of customers for a local plumber from Pinterest boards Mr. Rooter plumbing franchisee from Waco, Texas decided to give it a try. They created DIY board with simple tips how to fix easy things at home. The company thinks that it’s all about name recognition. Potential customers will probably not get to Mr. Rooter site via Pinterest or search for a plumber service there. But it is likelythat they will remember the name and next time when they need a plumbing service they might choose to call this particular company!

 An accountant and Pinterest

Vanessa Pyatt created a Pinterest board called Accounting nerd.   She shares accounts and accountants related jokes and funny pictures. Apart from building a good network of other accountant fellows who will most probably follow her board Vanessa can get quite a few clients. And all of it while having some fun in a field which traditionally perceived as boring!

Just think outside of the box and you will find suitable solution for Pinterest even if your business is not visual at all.