10 Tips for Finding Profitable Keywords for Your Business

If you are stuck with all the confusing SEO information, that only tell you what not to do, do not fear. Here are our 10 Tips for Finding Profitable Keywords for Your Business. You’re welcome! About the author: This infographic was created by Alan McCabe from KOL Limited  

Want higher Twitter click through rates? Read this!

higher Twitter click through rates

It’s easy to get discouraged when trying to market with Twitter. You may not be getting the number of RT’s you want, have a large number of followers, or get the click-through rates you need to successfully promote your business. Well worry no more: we’ve searched through a range of recent studies and found that […]

Viral marketing done right – 8 things to remember

Viral marketing

Going viral (in a good way) is like a dream sometimes. It is like one of those things that just seem to suddenly happen and spiral out of control. The shares come in droves, the comments flood in but most of all, your product is selling and your profits are going through the roof. Yes, […]

7 Powerful SEO Tips for Small Business

SEO Tips for Small Business

Web browsers are intense apparatus for small business. In the event that you can get on the first page for the keywords important to your business, you can promise an unfaltering stream of visitors and deals. Presently, there are a considerable measure of things you can do to get high rankings, however the accompanying SEO […]

Old content reuse – in 15 easy steps

old content reuse

Old content is unavoidable. Everyone is getting so obsessed with the latest things and the old stuff just seems to pile up into this scary heap we call our past. Dare we take a peak? Or should we just dump everything down the black hole of no-return. The answer? It depends on the situation. Unlike […]

How to become a pure genius at content writing

So, are you ready to become a pure genius at content writing?

Writing content for marketing is easy. What’s difficult is writing marketing content that’s good. Too often marketers get caught up in their own visions without taking a look at the bigger picture, leading to content that just doesn’t sell as well as it could. Luckily for us, a recent study took a look at which […]

Email titles – from sales killers to super-profits

email titles

Anyone who’s ever tried to market with emails knows the truth: it is ridiculously hard to get subscribers to read them. People go through the same motions every day of scrolling through their inbox, automatically ignoring or deleting all the unimportant emails. What is the key to success then, you might ask? The answer is […]

Improve your WordPress site security – fast

Improve your WordPress site security

Security is a common theme in this digital age of hackers. As technology and internet advances so does the techniques and methods of hacking that makes us all almost defenseless. This is especially true for those whose income depends on their WordPress (WP) accounts. But despite that, income or not, it is imperative that we […]

Frustrated customers aren’t always bad for your business and here is why!

frustrated customers

What is the one thing a person wants when they come to the high point of their frustration level? A solution. How does this tie in with your business? Well, what does your business provide if not a solution to your frustrated customers problem? Your business sells a product or provides a service that helps […]

How to use BuzzSumo to rock your blog

How to use BuzzSumo

There are ever so many difficulties in the life of a blogger. Not knowing what to write about, not getting enough web traffic, not having enough time to write. But luckily for you, some very smart people created something to solve all these problems and more: the tool called BuzzSumo.  What is BuzzSumo, exactly? BuzzSumo […]