Make people click on your newsletter

Make people click on your newsletter

“Time is money.” Such a commonly used phrase nowadays, hardly anyone understands just how important it is to the success of modern marketing. But think of the saying this way: your time is like money in that it is one of the most valuable things in your life. Therefore, to make people read your email newsletter you have to prove to them that reading through it is worth their oh-so valuable time. You have to be able to ‘sell’ it to your readers, and completely convince them how much of a good deal it would be for them to read the newsletter. These next 8 easy-to-follow steps will help you to do just that, and get the newsletter readership you’ve always wanted. Make people click on your newsletter with these easy steps.

1. Showcase Fast Results

What was I just saying about that time vs. money thing? Well for starters, you can easily tap into that way of thinking to get more newsletter clicks. Write in the email how your readers can reach the goal they’ve wanted to “within minutes”. This will peak the curiosity of most readers, leading them to click on the link and find out how.

2. Use Celebrities

Whether you have them endorse some of your content, or write an article for your newsletter themselves, any well-known people within your network can always be used to your company’s advantage. No offense meant to you, but readers are typically much more interested in what a celebrity has to say!

3. Be Their News Source

If you promote your newsletter with a fact or event that your readers have never heard of before, they’ll be much more inclined to click on the link. Browse through the newsletters of your competitors (if possible) and even the news headlines, to find out the old news that you shouldn’t write about. Make it your goal to be the source of new facts!

4. Everyone Loves Bullets

We live in the era of quick and valuable information, so show your newsletter’s value with a bulleted list of the newsletter’s highlights. This list is incredibly simple to make, and works because different points within it could be the selling point to different potential readers.

5. Be Brief

If tip #4 doesn’t work for your readers, then perhaps they prefer their emails short and sweet. Write no more than a few sentences along with your newsletter link, leaving the important information for them to find out. After all, being extremely brief can sometimes create the most curiosity.

6. Promise Something More

Whether it be a rare offer, coupon, or bit of information, readers like to be spoiled. Offer them something they would find valuable, but can only find out by reading the newsletter. And one special hack that actually works: rather than a link, attach the newsletter as a PDF. Your readers will want to own the PDF for themselves, giving your newsletter a much higher click rate from eager and greedy readers.

7. Change it Up

The same old marketing claims of ‘improve your marketing within minutes!’, or something of the like, can get old to readers very fast. Change up your email style and tone every so often, even if it means finding a different email writer. This will keep readers interested, and prove to them that your newsletter is a constantly evolving source rather than the same old thing with a different date.

8. Content is Key

All of the above tips may get your newsletter clicked on for the first time. But what really makes your readers come back is excellent content. Write about things that are of great value to your readers, stuff they can’t find anywhere else. Then the hardest part: continue to provide unique content week after week. Follow through on all the content-marketing you’ve been doing, and your newsletter is sure to be a success!

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