Rocking LinkedIn is possible for anybody – here are 5 sure steps

Rocking LinkedIn is possible

Rocking LinkedIn is possible – with these few simple tips. Even if you are just starting your way of building your business and career connections or already experienced but slightly disappointed – here are some simple guidelines to achieve the best possible results. Tip 1: Patience and Perseverance When it comes to managing a business, […]

The Psychology of Social Sharing – from

the psychology of social sharing

How do you get more people to share your content? It’s a simple question that lacks a simple answer. But, perhaps it’s not as complicated as you think. In a fascinating study conducted by The New York Times Customer Insight Group, it was discovered that there are five key reasons people decide to share something […]

What to avoid when marketing on social media

What to avoid when marketing on social media

As we continue to make use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google +, we tend to get a bit overly excited and commit certain faux pas that would cost us not only followers but customers as well. In fact, here are some common mistakes that might surprise you.  We put together a […]

Using social media landing pages to boost your business

social media landing pages

So you’ve come up with a great promotional idea that will not only bring in more traffic to your site, but will also genuinely benefit your customers. You’ve looked over the content of your offer time and time again to make sure everything is perfect, and now you’re excited to get it out there into […]

How to tweak your posts for different social media

tweak your posts for different social media

Each social media has its advantages, and catering to those is what will make your posts stand out to become more successful. Social media marketers today need to be creative and patient when posting on different platforms. Here we’ve taken six of the most prominent social sites on the internet, and give you tips on […]

LinkedIn marketing tips – learn the best professional practices

Linkedin marketing tips

LinkedIn has become essential for any professional. It is an important networking tool as well as a great place to showcase your achievements. But do you feel that there is still room for you to improve your LinkedIn marketing? Here are 7 LinkedIn marketing tips straight from the pros. #1: LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Gets Your […]

LinkedIn company page – 10 tips for best setup and performance

LinkedIn company page - 10 tips

Long ago, social media had not been looked upon as a tool for the intellectual or professional crowd. That was, until the introduction of LinkedIn. Now with nearly 260 million members around the world, LinkedIn is one of the most respected and most efficient forms of professional social media out there. It can easily help […]

What not to do on social media – 15 DON’Ts!

This article highlights a few simple rules to follow when posting and communicating on social media either as an individual or a business. What not to do on social media: 1)      DON’T try to get from people more than you are offering. It’s networking, it’s supposed to be fun, not just business. Be useful, give […]

5 Reasons to use LinkedIn to promote your business

LinkedIn to promote your business

Read on to learn how to use LinkedIn to promote your business: You can create a LinkedIn Company Page and use it as a sales page and your business card at the same time. LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Especially for those in the B2B industry but not only. Having a proper […]