Why use visual content marketing campaign?

Digitalmarketingphilippines came up with 12 valid reasons why marketers need to use visual content on social media. With ever-growing popularity of visually based social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine and others it’s crucial to get top-notch visual content to help you market your products and services online.


7 Instagram apps to take your photos to the next level

7 instagram apps

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites for photo sharing. From kids to pros, Instagram gives us a unique glance into the lives of people from all walks of life, all over the world. The sheer volume of active users, coupled with the ability to add hashtags (which act as keywords) to your photos, makes Instagram a marketing powerhouse, if correctly utilized. Unfortunately, Instagram alone is limited in its versatility, as far as the needs of the online marketer are concerned. Here are 7 Instagram apps to give your photos the extra pizzazz that will help you grab the attention of viewers and draw them to your distinct brand.

1. Over
A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but sometimes you need to condense that message down into something a bit more clear and concise, particularly in social media marketing. With a variety of fonts and the ability to edit your text’s colour, spacing, and size, this app is a steal for any social media marketer at only $1.99. This app also contains artwork that may be added, if desired, as well as additional downloadable artwork packs.

2. Instaquote
If you simply do not have an eye for photography, and you don’t have the budget to hire a professional for your photography needs, but you still want to include a bold visual message in your social media marketing campaign, this app is your solution. Instaquote provides the background for you. All you have to worry about is the text. To get a logo-free version, however, you will have to purchase the full pro version for $2.99. The money will be well worth it for photos free of the Instaquote logo.

3. Snapseed
For those who want as much editing control as possible, Snapseed is a great choice for fine-tuning photos. Bloggers, photographers, and other artistic types will be pleased with Snapseed’s flexibility, including the ability to control a number of different editing options individually. However, you don’t have to have a degree in graphic design to use this app. It also boasts quick and easy auto correct features.

If Snapseed isn’t what you’re looking for, VSCO, from Visual Supply Company, is another popular, and impressive, photo editing app. Not only does this program tout advanced editing controls, it also has several filters that you can try out on your photos in order to get the perfect look for your needs. Photos edited by professionals using VSCO have even been mistaken for having been taken with a professional grade DSLR camera. If your marketing hinges heavily on impressive images, this app could be just what you need to give your business a more professional appearance online.

5. PicTapGo
For the busy social media marketer who can’t afford to spend time editing photos, this app provides a solution that is as easy as 1, 2, 3! PicTapGo has not only streamlined the shooting, editing, and sharing of photos as much as possible, it also saves your most frequently used options so that they are readily available with every use. Additionally, the filter pre-sets available with this app still provide you with a great deal of control and versatility when editing images.

6. Pic Stitch
If you have several related photos (several shots from different angles of a product, for instance), you may need to combine those photos into one image in order to do your product justice on Instagram. But, because the Instagram app does not possess this function, you will need an app that enables you to compose a photo collage. Pic Stitch does just that. With several collage layouts to choose from, and more available for purchase, Pic Stitch makes combining several photos of your product as simple as can be, saving you valuable time that could be spent in other marketing endeavours.

7. TimerCam
What if your product isn’t a tangible product at all, but instead is you- your face, your personality! Holding your phone and taking photos of yourself is one option, but it certainly does not produce professional-looking results. TimerCam allows you to set up your phone, stage a photograph, and set up to a 30-second timer in order to capture photos of yourself that will give your images a far more professional appearance than your run-of-the-mill “selfie” ever could. If you want your audience to take you seriously but don’t have anyone to help you with your photography, this app could be the key to simplifying your social media marketing that you’ve been looking for!

Did you like our suggestions for 7 Instagram apps? Is there a photo editing app you absolutely love that isn’t listed here? Let us know!

Instagram Analytics With IconoSquare – from Socialthreesixty

Instagram Analytics With IconoSquare

Socialthreesixty.com shares new useful tool for all Instagram lovers and users Iconosquare.

This tool is supposed to help brands and people get to know know if their marketing efforts are effective for them or not? Seeing as currently Instagram has no native analytic capabilities.

Instagram is one of the most popular and fast growing social networks with more than 200 million  users who are currently sharing 60 million images and liking 1.6 billion images daily.

Read full article about Instagram Analytics With IconoSquare

What best Instagramers do and how to become one

what best instagramers do

For nearly four years – that’s right, four years already! – Instagram has been the social media tool used around the world to share pictures, video, and stories of the modern age. But more than this, Instagram has often been successfully used to increase the publicity of many a brand, city, or company. Read our guide on what best Instagramers do and how to become one of them.

Getting an Instagram account is both free and incredibly easy to set up. But creating a popular Instagram account to promote your business or ideas takes strategy, patience, and time. Here we’ve put together the best Instagram tips. They will show you how to make an account to gather all the publicity you’ve ever wanted:

Learn Photography Basics

The great thing about Instagram is that with its filters and image-editing tools, any old picture can look like it was taken by a professional. Yet it should not be forgotten that every account on Instagram has access to these same tools and filters. So how do you make your images stand out? For those with no experience in photography, practice is the key! Try this trick: take several test pictures and post them on a separate social media site, such as Facebook or Twitter, and see which pictures get the most attention. Take notes on what people like, and use this knowledge for creating your future Instagram posts.

Work to Gather Followers

We’ve all heard those rumors about the accounts on Twitter that pay for their followers. While the rumors also say that this can be done on Instagram, don’t give in to the temptation! These purchased followers most often turn out to be little more than just a number. What really will get your Instagram account publicity and recognition is the accumulation of true and devoted followers. The true followers are more likely to comment, like, or share your photos and videos, creating more interactions and connections, and overall a more popular Instagram account.

Don’t Ignore Followers

While your Instagram account is still in the initial growing phase, make sure to follow back those who follow you. This will decrease the likelihood of you losing these followers in the future. Also make sure to like the pictures your followers post, and respond to those who comment on your photos or video. After all, social media should be used to let you be social!

Know Your #Hashtags

Instagram users are constantly searching the site for hashtags. By using commonly searched hashtags that also relate to your picture and account, you have the great opportunity to gain followers who are interested in your company and/or ideas.  

Make a Connection

Those who thrive through Instagram have an account that balances the typical type of photos from the account with unexpected photos. For example, the Instagram of a local coffee shop would benefit from posting a photo of an employee buying ingredients or supplies outside of the store. This type of post gives your followers a behind-the-scenes outlook, and makes them feel more personally connected to your business.

Don’t Lose Hope

Keep in mind that gathering followers takes time, and at some points, may seem impossible. To accelerate the rate of increase in your followers, make sure to frequently promote your Instagram account. Do this by mentioning your account on other forms of social media. Reference your account in marketing and advertising campaigns to gain potential followers who already know about you and your brand. Posting memorable and captivating photos will then allow for your base of followers to share these images, and help you gradually branch out to the entire world.



Nasty Comments – 5 Ways to Deal with Them

nasty comments and how to deal with them

Nasty comments are a big problem for anyone who is heavly involved in social media and online marketing. Every blogger, vlogger and Intagramer knows that there are always people who will try to ruin you post with nasty things they have to say. Learn how to deal with them the best way possible and always be a winner.

Social media has transformed the way people connect, communicate, network and maintain relationships. But, influence of social media is not limited to these; it has brought about a bigger revolution. Social media and Internet has empowered Internet users and given them a platform to express their views, thoughts and opinions. But not all thoughts posted online are positive or motivating. In fact, proportion of negative feedbacks and nasty comments is higher. Though you cannot go ahead and control what somebody else has posted, negative comments surely hamper your day and mood. The effect of negative comments is even higher if they are targeted towards your business or service as it raises questions about quality, brand and trustworthiness of your product.

Negative comments can appear anywhere. From Facebook page to Twitter post, blog to ecommerce website and other online platforms where people connect with each other. Handling negative feedback requires skill. You cannot appear too aggressive but cannot let go easily too. You need to know how to deal with trolls and prevent them from disrupting your followers and supporters. Here are 5 simple ways of dealing with nasty comments online.

  • People giving nasty feedbacks, usually, do not have any personal grudges with you. They may be bitter individuals who treat everyone same way as you, so do not get aggressive. Maintain your cool and first try to understand if the comment has some value or not. If there is no significance or value, it is better to unpublish the comment.
  • Most negative comments online come from users who are bored and use comments to create a troll and amuse themselves. Remember, you cannot control an Internet troll neither win an argument over there. So, do not waste your time and efforts in arguing but do not leave them unanswered either. Frame a witty and creative answer that explains that the discussion is baseless and unproductive. State facts wherever possible and turn negative feedback to your support. Also, suggest on forming guidelines to deal with trolls, and you will surely find support from other members of that forum.
  • Apply moderation for comments before they are published. So, if a comment is too nasty, do not post it or delete it if it is already posted.
  • If the comment is about your product, do not get defensive completely. Remember, with the cut-throat competition, customer has become the king and has endless of options to choose from. So, instead of letting a comment break your relationship with the customer, try to use it to gain customer’s confidence and build a better relationship. If a customer has given a negative feedback, take time to analyze his problem and reply with a sincere apology and solution to his problem.
  • Just like you need to know how to respond to a negative comment, you should also know when not to respond. Sometimes, not responding is the best response as it prevents issues from gaining momentum. So, if a comment is not at all relevant, the best way to deal is to let go.

Remember, you should be able to decide which situation deserves your attention and which does not. Do not waste your time in responding to every negative comment or feedback that comes your way. Be smart and try to highlight positive comments and reviews you receive!

What not to do on social media – 15 DON’Ts!

This article highlights a few simple rules to follow when posting and communicating on social media either as an individual or a business. What not to do on social media:

1)      DON’T try to get from people more than you are offering. It’s networking, it’s supposed to be fun, not just business. Be useful, give more than you take!

2)      DON’T bombard people with offers and special discounts on a daily basis. Try and establish the number of promotional posts and balance them with more entertaining and useful posts or even publish one promo-post per certain number of likes and shares that your normal content posts get.

3)      DON’T be impersonal, detached, don’t write in a third person. Instead be a real human being with your own life and preferences, with a real name even when posting from your business fan page.

4)      DON’T use lazy grammar and intentional mistakes. Not cool. No, not even a bit!

5)      DON’T tag people on your photos if you’re not 100% sure they are ok with it and expecting it. People hate being embarrassed and the chance is high they will unlike/unfriend you for good!

6)      DON’T automatically repost your Twitter posts on Facebook and vice versa. You can use the same but slightly modified content for different social media platforms but never post on Facebook your actual Twitter posts via any kind of “convenient” software.

7)      DON’T Like your own posts. Enough said!

8)      DON’T invite people to like your new fan page, it’s like begging on the street full of people you know.. There are less dumb ways to do so! Create great sharable engaging content for your new page and just share it couple of times on your personal profile. If people like it they will “Like it”!

9)      DON’T use your page to re-share urban legends, petitions and even charities. You will only annoy people. If you want to do something good, organize it properly yourself!

10)   DON’T fail to ignore trolls and pointless criticizers. Try to reply to messages and posts that have constructive criticism and customer support related questions but ignore plain haters and people who constantly try to bring you down.

11)   DON’T jump in to fight in the comments section. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. If you got an offending comment give yourself a couple of hours, relax, calm down and ask for advice, if you can. It’s always better to remain classy and keep the face, just like in real life.

12)   DON’T try to be on every social media platform all the time just for the sake of being everywhere. Analyse where most of your clients come from and use regularly and concentrate your effort on 2-3 most important social media.

13)   DON’T try to do everything yourself. It’s nice to think that social media is a free way of advertising, but if you spend too much time on it, you are losing money you could be making otherwise. If you’re not experienced enough you can do more harm than good. Don’t be afraid to find a social media consultant you trust and who fits our budget.

14)   DON’T ignore a follower who commented or sent you a message. These people are gold, they are already considering you as a buying choice, so go there and build a conversation with them. Offering a special personal discount works well too!

15)   DON’T use caps lock. Incredibly enough not all people have learned to never SHOUT IN CAPITAL LETTERS online. Especially this concerns small business owners who try to attract attention to their special offers. Just don’t do it, please!

Here’s is our take on simple social media etiquette – what are your tips on what not to do on social media?

Master hashtags # with 5 easy steps

Master hashtags

Hashtags are small links preceded by a sign # were first introduced by social media giant Twitter. Since long ago are widely used across many others social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Learn how to master hashtags # in 5 easy steps with us!

 #Hashtags serve a purpose of grouping and organising posts that use certain words and sentences with hashtags for search purposes and trending. You can easily search relevant topics using hashtags and join trending conversation when using popular #. But what does it mean for business purposes?

First of all, the only thing you shouldn’t do with hashtags is to ignore them. The list of how they can help you is much longer. They can widen your audience, your content will reach more people, they help with branding, allow you to target certain market, get your content found, help with your SEO etc.

Step 1 – Create and use Brand, Product and Campaign hashtags for your business

Let’s say you have a coffee place in Manchester. Create a unique hashtag for your business name – for example #MarcosCoffeeManchester. You also happen to have a very popular cupcakes #MarcosCranberryCupcakes and #MarcosCoconutLatte. We would suggest checking the availability of a hashtag name across all the social media platforms you are going to use it on. Think of it as your brand’s signature. You can also create a specific hashtag for your campaigns like #MarcosFreeLatteFridayand ask your followers tweet it to win a free latte. Like this it will be easy for you to check how many people participated and choose a winner.

Step 2 – Use Trending hashtags to promote yourself

You can easily check which hashtags are trending at the moment and which topic is being popular in the world and/or in your area and use them to promote your business. Only one big word of advice here – choose only popular hashtags that makes sense and can really be related to your tweets. Using irrelevant hashtags will give you a reputation of a spammer and might even get your account suspended. Trends on Twitter can be found on the left side bar, in Google+ on “What’s trending” section, on Instagram it’s in the “Explore” section. Check trending hashtags daily but only use them sometimes when you can really think of a creative and relevant way to use it. Be quick and it’ll pay off.

Step 3 – Try Content hashtags

Contents hashtags are a bit simpler to use – they might not be as trendy and super-popular but they are safer to use and have large audiences. Location, lifestyle, event and product hashtags are a few examples of the content hashtags. As per our #MarcosCoffeeManchester probably one of the best and popular hangtags to use would be #Lattewhich is super-popular on both Twitter and Instagram.Do your search and see what you like yourself. For local businesses it’s very important to use the location tags – see which ones are most popular in your area.

Step 4 – Join important conversations in your business field

This step is less about promotion and more about finding business specific conversations with potential partners, suppliers, experts , big and successful players in your field, etc. There are hashtags like #SMB and #smallbiz where you can get resources, news, tips and tricks and see what’s going on in your field. There are many more specific business hashtags like #marketing and #sales.

Step 5 – Do not overuse

While all we said above teaches us the utmost importance of using hashtags, more often it’s even more important to remember not to use them too often. Never overload your tweets or posts with hashtags. It will make you look needy, unnatural and spam-like. 1-2 hashtags every few posts are ok, but don’t try to insert them into your every single post. Remember to keep your posts relevant and meaningful!



10 content tips to keep clients in the buying mood

content tips to keep clients in the buying mood

We put together a few simple and effective tried out tips and advice on how to create a content to keep clients in the buying mood:

  • Forget individuals, try to make content that make groups to form and like-minded people get together, talk and share
  • If you find yourself bored creating content for your social media, then you’re trying to take more that you’re giving. Time to rethink this strategy!
  • Before publishing anything, read it to yourself and see if an actual person would talk this way. If not – edit, edit, edit. Be a human, not a sales-machine!
  • No matter how many employees you have, make your social media channels to have a voice of a real person with a real name and real life whether it’s you or someone else. People prefer to talk to people not pages and accounts.
  • Find types of posts people like and share the most and then try to recreate them on all your media channels in a suitable way.
  • Always recycle your content hits, but never overdo it!
  • Try to offer practical tips, advice, solutions to problems – this type of content gets shared the most and builds trust to your brand.
  • Don’t become too cocky or know-it-all, every time you publish a tip or a solution, ask your audience about their best tricks. You will not only learn a lot, but engage more people. Re-post best tips from your followers, they will love it!
  • Prettify everything! For any kind of business but especially for those that target women, aesthetics and cuteness is the key to clients’ credit cards.
  • Choose your writing style and stick to it! Certain brands can get away with some swearing or use of community slang, which is ok. You just have to be consistent, not super-official one day and “what up bi****s” the next.

Did you like our tips on how to  keep clients in the buying mood? What are your best advice  for great, engaging and sales-effective content?

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8 Instagram tips for your small business


Wish to have the coolest and most popular Instagram account for your business with lots of followers –  read our Instagram tips!

1)      Make your business more visual and likable. With Instagram you can bring out your business personality; make more of a brand even out of a tiny local business. People love photos and pictures much more than facts, texts and figures, so get creative! The most important fact to remember about Instagram is that visual content here should be 99% unique and personal. It’s your photos taken here and now, not something you found and re-used. Another important thing to know is to share your brand without over-advertising. It’s more about incorporating your product and values in your potential clients’ lives.

2)      Turn everything into a photo – yes, you have to start taking up to 10 different photos a day related to your business even though only one of them might make it to Instagram. New products, travels, customers, events, showcases, fun you have in the office, new showroom, even the local stray cat visiting your salon – all of it can make a great content. Experiment with lots of different photos and unexpected fun descriptions to see what is most engaging for your followers.

3)      Explore #hashtags – hashtags are super-important on Instagram and there are a lot of them and more are created every second. We suggest you start following the best of the best in your field to get a good grip of relevant and popular hashtags. As time goes by you’ll be able to create and popularise your own hashtags. Always make a new hashtag when organising an event or a contest.

4)      Share videos – you can upload and share up to 15 seconds videos to Instagram. You might think that it’s not enough but in a short 15 second you can share new stock arriving, happy client giving you a testimonial, short snap of a conference, new website feature or anything else that comes in mind. Possibilities are endless and a good news that no one expects a video masterpiece here. Use your smart phone camera and try to shoot in good light conditions. That’s enough for a decent video that could possible go viral!

5)      Educate yourself – you can learn from great examples on how different kinds of businesses use Instagram and get huge followers base. These success stories and insider tips are regularly shared on Instagram Business Blog http://business.instagram.com/blog/. Follow brands on Instagram that have big follower groups or just brands that you admire – it’s the easiest way to keep up with what’s trending and pick up some great ideas of posts for your type of business.

6)      Enhance with care – Instagram has great photo filters that can enhance even mediocre photos and make them look swish and likable. At the beginning experiment with filters to choose the right one, which by the way can lead to up to 60% more user engagement. After that try to stick to 1-2 filters that you like the most and that suit your brand (i.e. no “retro” filters for super-modern technological products or services). It’s an easy way to do some branding with no additional cost.

7)      Integrate 2 accounts – it often makes sense to create one account for your business and one your personal account as a business owner and you can like and share things between two accounts covering more followers. People especially love behind the scenes types of photos which can be shared from both accounts in a slightly different way.

8)      Don’t be too serious – Instagram is probably one of the best social media platforms where you can relax and try to be less of a business and more of friend for your potential customers and followers. Everything stylish, cute, pretty and funny will give you the best score on Instagram. And add to you sales!

Did you lied our instagram tips? D

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake #Hashtag

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake got slightly annoyed by the overuse of #hashtag and made this hilarious video. The hashtag sign has not only flooded the social media channels like Twitter and Instagram but even some people actual speaking. The two comedians show us just how silly it might look and sound. Must watch!