Instagrammers are the best buyers : how to use it to your advantage

The latest research is in, and with a surprising result: it found that people on Instagram love to shop. More than any other social media site, Instagrammers showed a distinct trend for liking brands, making purchases, and overall using the site to engage with businesses. And not only that, but the number of Instagram users […]

You can schedule posts on Instagram easily – here is how!

schedule your Instagram posts

The Instagram Generation. Whether you view it as a complement or not is up to you. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really change the fact that Instgram has become a large part of most people’s lives. Yes, there are actually a small minority of individuals who does not use this app but let’s focus on the majority […]

Hashtag campaigns – make it awesome, not silly

Hashtag campaigns

Having gained enormous popularity on Twitter in recent years, hashtag campaigns are now being adopted by virtually all major social media outlets. And in the world of content marketing and promotion, hashtags can be a goldmine for promoting products, events, or even an entire barnd. But beware – your choice of hashtag can very quickly […]

Instagram engagement: What really works?

Instagram engagement What really works

Photographs, infographics, and other types of visual content seem to be the latest trend in social media marketing, which is great because they are a lot of fun to create.However, you can’t post just any old picture to Instagram and expect to become an overnight sensation. Gaining followers and getting likes and comments on Instagram […]

Instagram finally added the edit option

Instagram finally added the edit option

Instagram blog just announced probably the most requested feauture since the rise of this uber-popular social media – the ability to back edit photo captions. “We’ve added the ability to go back and edit captions on your posts. When you share a moment to Instagram, a typo shouldn’t get in the way. This has been […]

The Psychology of Social Sharing – from

the psychology of social sharing

How do you get more people to share your content? It’s a simple question that lacks a simple answer. But, perhaps it’s not as complicated as you think. In a fascinating study conducted by The New York Times Customer Insight Group, it was discovered that there are five key reasons people decide to share something […]

What to avoid when marketing on social media

What to avoid when marketing on social media

As we continue to make use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google +, we tend to get a bit overly excited and commit certain faux pas that would cost us not only followers but customers as well. In fact, here are some common mistakes that might surprise you.  We put together a […]

Better social media covers – it’s easy!

better social media covers

We all know that first impressions are everything. In a business context, your clients’ first impressions of your product can be a driving factor in your conversion rate. But how can you quickly grab a potential client’s attention and make that first impression a positive, lasting one? By properly utilizing the first space that people […]

How to tweak your posts for different social media

tweak your posts for different social media

Each social media has its advantages, and catering to those is what will make your posts stand out to become more successful. Social media marketers today need to be creative and patient when posting on different platforms. Here we’ve taken six of the most prominent social sites on the internet, and give you tips on […]

How to Take Better Selfies – from Adorama

how to take a better selfie

Today, selfies are everywhere—created and shared by people from all backgrounds across the globe—providing glimpses into daily lives, exciting accomplishments, special moments in time, and much more. But one important question still remains… How to take better selfies? puts together a comprehensive infographic on what to do to get the best selfies in town […]