What not to do on social media – 15 DON’Ts!

This article highlights a few simple rules to follow when posting and communicating on social media either as an individual or a business. What not to do on social media:

1)      DON’T try to get from people more than you are offering. It’s networking, it’s supposed to be fun, not just business. Be useful, give more than you take!

2)      DON’T bombard people with offers and special discounts on a daily basis. Try and establish the number of promotional posts and balance them with more entertaining and useful posts or even publish one promo-post per certain number of likes and shares that your normal content posts get.

3)      DON’T be impersonal, detached, don’t write in a third person. Instead be a real human being with your own life and preferences, with a real name even when posting from your business fan page.

4)      DON’T use lazy grammar and intentional mistakes. Not cool. No, not even a bit!

5)      DON’T tag people on your photos if you’re not 100% sure they are ok with it and expecting it. People hate being embarrassed and the chance is high they will unlike/unfriend you for good!

6)      DON’T automatically repost your Twitter posts on Facebook and vice versa. You can use the same but slightly modified content for different social media platforms but never post on Facebook your actual Twitter posts via any kind of “convenient” software.

7)      DON’T Like your own posts. Enough said!

8)      DON’T invite people to like your new fan page, it’s like begging on the street full of people you know.. There are less dumb ways to do so! Create great sharable engaging content for your new page and just share it couple of times on your personal profile. If people like it they will “Like it”!

9)      DON’T use your page to re-share urban legends, petitions and even charities. You will only annoy people. If you want to do something good, organize it properly yourself!

10)   DON’T fail to ignore trolls and pointless criticizers. Try to reply to messages and posts that have constructive criticism and customer support related questions but ignore plain haters and people who constantly try to bring you down.

11)   DON’T jump in to fight in the comments section. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. If you got an offending comment give yourself a couple of hours, relax, calm down and ask for advice, if you can. It’s always better to remain classy and keep the face, just like in real life.

12)   DON’T try to be on every social media platform all the time just for the sake of being everywhere. Analyse where most of your clients come from and use regularly and concentrate your effort on 2-3 most important social media.

13)   DON’T try to do everything yourself. It’s nice to think that social media is a free way of advertising, but if you spend too much time on it, you are losing money you could be making otherwise. If you’re not experienced enough you can do more harm than good. Don’t be afraid to find a social media consultant you trust and who fits our budget.

14)   DON’T ignore a follower who commented or sent you a message. These people are gold, they are already considering you as a buying choice, so go there and build a conversation with them. Offering a special personal discount works well too!

15)   DON’T use caps lock. Incredibly enough not all people have learned to never SHOUT IN CAPITAL LETTERS online. Especially this concerns small business owners who try to attract attention to their special offers. Just don’t do it, please!

Here’s is our take on simple social media etiquette – what are your tips on what not to do on social media?

You can’t ignore Google+

can't ignore google+

Internet Giant Google launched its own social networking platform back in 2011. Much later than the biggest players in the field Facebook and Twitter. And even though initially many people got excited about G+ not everybody really enjoyed the performance of this newcomer. Read this to see why you just can’t ignore Google+!

Even if you don’t really get the hang of using Google plus as your favourite personal social network – we didn’t either – there is no reason to ignore it for your business needs. Dare we say more – there are quite a few reasons why ignoring it can be quite harmful.

1)      Visibility and ranking. Google as you very well now is the most important search engine in the world so everything you put on its “children” like YouTube and Google plus will help your business visibility and ranking. People can find information related to your business easier if it’s posted on Google plus than if it’s just sits there on your site.

2)      SEO. Since Google+ is Google’s favourite child all the information you put there is like gold. This is a great field to play with your keywords and long–tail keyword phrases when making posts. The chance that your posts on Google plus will show up when someone is searching for it on Google is much higher than your normal blog posts or a similar post on other social media.

3)      Backlinks. Number of good quality backlinks still is and most probably will always be one of the main factors that improve your site ranking and visibility. So will google always consider its own social platform as an authority site. Don’t forget to link back to your site and/or blog from relative posts on google plus. Ask your partners to exchange backlinks – it will only do you good.

4)      Circles and general relationship building. Social media platforms are still a great way to build relationship both personal and business related. You can easily find potential clients and partners and connect to them. Divide your business contacts in circles like “Partners”, “Existing customers” and “Prospects” and you can easily choose which circle can see you posts. Don’t forget – Google plus was specifically created to help people and companies to build NEW relationships based on interests, profession, carrier, passions and hobbies.

5)      Google + users. It is well-known that Google plus is widely used by IT crowd, management, CEOs and owners of businesses and in general educated, connected and quite wealthy people. So if these demographics appeal to you and you think that potential clients and partners can be found among them it’s worth investing your time and effort into setting up and actively maintaining your Google+ profile.

6)      Google hangouts. This tool is very helpful, relatively simple and free when organising online meetings, conferences or even webinars for your potential customers. Google hangouts are perfect for trainings. Unlike desktop conferencing software like Skype, hangouts work inside your web browser. It allows up to ten people to meet face to face in an online video conference.

Master hashtags # with 5 easy steps

Master hashtags

Hashtags are small links preceded by a sign # were first introduced by social media giant Twitter. Since long ago are widely used across many others social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Learn how to master hashtags # in 5 easy steps with us!

 #Hashtags serve a purpose of grouping and organising posts that use certain words and sentences with hashtags for search purposes and trending. You can easily search relevant topics using hashtags and join trending conversation when using popular #. But what does it mean for business purposes?

First of all, the only thing you shouldn’t do with hashtags is to ignore them. The list of how they can help you is much longer. They can widen your audience, your content will reach more people, they help with branding, allow you to target certain market, get your content found, help with your SEO etc.

Step 1 – Create and use Brand, Product and Campaign hashtags for your business

Let’s say you have a coffee place in Manchester. Create a unique hashtag for your business name – for example #MarcosCoffeeManchester. You also happen to have a very popular cupcakes #MarcosCranberryCupcakes and #MarcosCoconutLatte. We would suggest checking the availability of a hashtag name across all the social media platforms you are going to use it on. Think of it as your brand’s signature. You can also create a specific hashtag for your campaigns like #MarcosFreeLatteFridayand ask your followers tweet it to win a free latte. Like this it will be easy for you to check how many people participated and choose a winner.

Step 2 – Use Trending hashtags to promote yourself

You can easily check which hashtags are trending at the moment and which topic is being popular in the world and/or in your area and use them to promote your business. Only one big word of advice here – choose only popular hashtags that makes sense and can really be related to your tweets. Using irrelevant hashtags will give you a reputation of a spammer and might even get your account suspended. Trends on Twitter can be found on the left side bar, in Google+ on “What’s trending” section, on Instagram it’s in the “Explore” section. Check trending hashtags daily but only use them sometimes when you can really think of a creative and relevant way to use it. Be quick and it’ll pay off.

Step 3 – Try Content hashtags

Contents hashtags are a bit simpler to use – they might not be as trendy and super-popular but they are safer to use and have large audiences. Location, lifestyle, event and product hashtags are a few examples of the content hashtags. As per our #MarcosCoffeeManchester probably one of the best and popular hangtags to use would be #Lattewhich is super-popular on both Twitter and Instagram.Do your search and see what you like yourself. For local businesses it’s very important to use the location tags – see which ones are most popular in your area.

Step 4 – Join important conversations in your business field

This step is less about promotion and more about finding business specific conversations with potential partners, suppliers, experts , big and successful players in your field, etc. There are hashtags like #SMB and #smallbiz where you can get resources, news, tips and tricks and see what’s going on in your field. There are many more specific business hashtags like #marketing and #sales.

Step 5 – Do not overuse

While all we said above teaches us the utmost importance of using hashtags, more often it’s even more important to remember not to use them too often. Never overload your tweets or posts with hashtags. It will make you look needy, unnatural and spam-like. 1-2 hashtags every few posts are ok, but don’t try to insert them into your every single post. Remember to keep your posts relevant and meaningful!



10 content tips to keep clients in the buying mood

content tips to keep clients in the buying mood

We put together a few simple and effective tried out tips and advice on how to create a content to keep clients in the buying mood:

  • Forget individuals, try to make content that make groups to form and like-minded people get together, talk and share
  • If you find yourself bored creating content for your social media, then you’re trying to take more that you’re giving. Time to rethink this strategy!
  • Before publishing anything, read it to yourself and see if an actual person would talk this way. If not – edit, edit, edit. Be a human, not a sales-machine!
  • No matter how many employees you have, make your social media channels to have a voice of a real person with a real name and real life whether it’s you or someone else. People prefer to talk to people not pages and accounts.
  • Find types of posts people like and share the most and then try to recreate them on all your media channels in a suitable way.
  • Always recycle your content hits, but never overdo it!
  • Try to offer practical tips, advice, solutions to problems – this type of content gets shared the most and builds trust to your brand.
  • Don’t become too cocky or know-it-all, every time you publish a tip or a solution, ask your audience about their best tricks. You will not only learn a lot, but engage more people. Re-post best tips from your followers, they will love it!
  • Prettify everything! For any kind of business but especially for those that target women, aesthetics and cuteness is the key to clients’ credit cards.
  • Choose your writing style and stick to it! Certain brands can get away with some swearing or use of community slang, which is ok. You just have to be consistent, not super-official one day and “what up bi****s” the next.

Did you like our tips on how to  keep clients in the buying mood? What are your best advice  for great, engaging and sales-effective content?

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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake #Hashtag

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake got slightly annoyed by the overuse of #hashtag and made this hilarious video. The hashtag sign has not only flooded the social media channels like Twitter and Instagram but even some people actual speaking. The two comedians show us just how silly it might look and sound. Must watch!

Google hangouts guide – step by step!

google hangouts guide

If you are looking for a good communication experience in your work or in a group of friends, you MUST try Google hangouts. Read our Google hangouts guide to learn what to do step by step!

First of all I will give you the bad news… you have to create a google+ account if you want to try the experience of Google hangouts. If you own one google account it is only necessary to add the service to your account. It would be great because you don’t need to waste time filling all the information that the new account requires and in the meantime you can start investigating the new tools that Google hangouts offers to you. And if you are not good at investigating, I personally recommend you to read the full article! No way my friend!

When you are ready with the account creation and all the profile that you want to share with your friends, you should download the plug in. It is not necessary to search where, because you will find the link below:


google hangoutWhen the download is complete, you can start to using hangouts in the many ways that it is offered. First of all, you can start a hangout with your friend, you can invite a group of friends too (not more than 10 for the moment), or you can join to a public hangout. It is as easier as to click on Start hangout button at the right top of the page. You can name your hangouts as you want, but take in consideration that if the hangout is public, this name will be visible for all. So if you want to create a public hangout, I recommend you to use a name, which let the people introduce the subject that you will discuss there.

If you are lazy to create your own public hangout, you can join to other that is currently being discussed.

If you are waiting for a hangout, the only thing that you should do when you receive a notification or alert informing that someone are inviting you is to join, and you are ready to start!

Now you are ready to try the experience. I will describe some tips below to make easier the trip

Mute the microphone! (Nobody wants interruptions when is talking!)

muteIt is a good practice to mute your microphone when you are not speaking, it avoids distractions. Nobody wants to hear the neighbors dog, the baby crying or the ambulance!

You can choose the microphone icon at the top of the window or ctrl+d, or the command “/mute’ in hangouts chat.

Nobody understand what you are talking about? You can share your screen!

It is common when you are in a call in your work after 1 hour and everybody is looking at the same file in different computers, you loose the point. To make focus on what you need to show, you can share your screen. You can click the Screenshare icon in the left side of your window. If you don’t want to share conversations with your friends, or the solitary that you were playing, it doesn’t matter! because Google hangouts will let you share only one of your windows (But if it is not your case, you can share your full screen).share screen

Use Private Chats

 Sometimes you need to talk in private with only one person, but you are in a group hangouts. I have the solution to you through a simple command.

You can type “/to” before the name of the person that you want to talk to. (You don’t need to remember all the commands that I am mentioning now, because you can type “/?” in your hangouts chat and it will appear the full list)



Air allows you to post hangouts through your You Tube Channel.

First of all you need to enable this option:

You will need to follow a verification process and then you will be ready to share your hangouts public or private in your channel.

Google Drive

If you are working in a group, it is easier to have integrated all the files that you will need to share in the same application. Google drive will allow you to create spreadsheets, text documents, presentations and give different accesses to the users. They will be able to edit, view or change the document at the same time.

Include your video in a Calendar Event

If you have a calendar event prepared for your  next meeting, you can add a hangout clicking the link to the hangout URL in the invitation.

Configure each hangout

Delete, leave or archive the hangout, save (OR NOT SAVE) the history, and choose when you want to receive notifications.

Last thing and the funniest one! You can add emoticons, and photos to your conversation!

When you have an opened conversation you have two icons. The lower left icon is a smiley face, and the right one is a camera, which you can choose if you want to add photos from your photos, a web camera or a video search.

If you are looking for the most enjoyable experience at work or just for fun with friends, Google hangouts will give you a complete set of features that will let you to share everything! Just read all the tips, try it by yourself and enjoy!

You can download the application, it doesn’t matter if you have iOS, Android or the chrome application installed in your laptop:

iOS – http://goo.gl/h3glR

Android – http://goo.gl/g61QW

Chrome App – http://goo.gl/cr3XE