Facebook Video Insights are here

Facebook Video Insights

Since Facebook native videos aregetting more and more attention from geeral public and marketers alike Facebook is tryig to please everybody even more. On 26th June Facebook announced New Videos Tab in Page Insights As video continues to grow Facebook strikes to provide video publishers with tools to help them better understand their performance and […]

Facebook Lite is here

facebook lite

Because there’s always something new coming from Facebook direction, isn’t there? Facebook just announced Facebook Lite, a new version of Facebook for Android that uses less data and works well across all network conditions. It seems with more than a billion people around the world accessing Facebook from a range of mobile devices on varying […]

Facebook product ads – a “how to” guide

facebook product ads

Have you heard of Facebook dynamic product ads? Not yet? Facebook dynamic product ads automatically show users ads for the products they are interested. This is important because it can allow you to reach interested customers with relevant offers. By using Facebook dynamic product ads you can generate ads based on your products in an […]

Facebook Groups and how to make them really useful

facebook groups and how to make them really useful

Facebook for your business may mean more then the obvious Facebook pages rather than profiles. Even still, are you a member of any Facebook Groups? If not, you should consider this a little nudge in that direction. Groups can be created for a variety of reasons including communication, organizing events, allowing business owners to connect […]

Facebook ads optimisation in 12 simple steps

facebook ads optimisation

Who doesn’t love FREE? Generating free traffic to your Facebook page is great, but paying for Facebook ads to increase your pages likes, drive website traffic and conversions can be much more realistic way of building traffic. It can be quite cost-effective too. Keep reading for 12 simple steps you can take for Facebook ads […]

How to make Facebook adverts work for you – FREE FB ads crash course

Would you like to have 4,000 subscribers and 250+ new paying customers every month? Good news, it’s absolutely possible and here is how. You have probably heard of LeadPages – possibly the best landing page and lead capture system on the market. In just two years, LeadPages’ growth has been nothing short of astounding. They […]

What really works for Facebook engagement?

What really works for Facebook engagement

Facebook has gone through several changes in the past few years. In fact, the way that you use Facebook to engage with your audience is very different than when you may have started. Let’s begin by defining what engagement is. Facebook engagement is when a fan does one of the following four things: like, comment, […]

What type of Facebook apps will help your business?

Facebook apps will help your business

Are you looking to do something more with your Facebook account? Have you considered using any apps? If you have but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading for a list of some of the Facebook apps to use. Quiz and Polling Apps People love being asked for their opinion. You can also benefit by […]

First news from F8 annual Facebook conference

F8 annual Facebook conference

There are quite a few news coming from F8, Facebook annual developer conference that started on 25th March in San Francisco. In the last year, Facebook developer community doubled in size, and there are now hundreds of thousands of developers working with Facebook around the world – with more than 70% outside the United States. […]

You can pay people with Facebook Messenger now

pay people with Facebook Messenger

Facebook announced new feature – Sending Money to Friends in Messenger. On the 17th March Facebook added the ability to send or receive money between friends. This free feature will be rolling out over the coming months in the US. To send money: Start a message with a friend Tap the $ icon and enter […]