We are looking for an Online Marketing Technical Person (Trainee)

If you are skilled in technical web elements, such as HTML, CSS, Basic Web Design, and Image editing and generally good a dicking around on Facebook then you may be just right for this position.

I’m looking for someone young (in heart and mind), hungry to learn, develop, and go to the next level.

A genuine interest in Online Marketing, You Tube Marketing, Landing Pages, Conversation Sales funnels, online advertising and the technical elements thereof is essential.

We are more looking for someone who wants to learn and advance while being helpful and productive than we are looking for someone attempting to climb the different salary ladders without advancing their skills.

The Position will give access to training top end training materials and the ability to work on interesting sites and projects and be a key part of the projects outcome within a small friendly team.


  • Tons of Online Training (both at the office and take home)
  • Easy going target lead Company
  • Not a Maltese Dinosaur Company
  • Use of interesting marketing tools
  • Exposure to interesting projects
  • High Focus on Staff Development
  • In St Julian’s area so it’s dead easy to get a sandwich at lunch time.

Pay Scale

Candidate must not have Peanut Allergy and be prepared to demonstrate high levels of productivity to avoid said peanuts. We are NOT looking for money lead candidates at this stage we are looking at personal development lead candidates who hope to make considerably more in the long run than the short term thinkers.

NON Applicants

Don’t apply if you say any of the following phrases.

  • I just do as I’m told and nothing more
  • I didn’t agree in the interview to do this
  • In my previous company we do it this way
  • I’ve been here 3 weeks, can I have a pay rise?
  • I don’t like to spend my time learning new things
  • I wish I hadn’t have stayed out in Paceville until 4am last night
  • I like to shower at least once per week
  • I don’t like PC’s they are not arty enough
  • I can never remember any of the HTML tags


If there is indeed anyone in Malta that fits this description then please email a full CV to

If you have Demo Websites or any particulate skills you think impress then those too.

A Cover Letter would really help, stating why you think this post is for you.

Skills Tag Cloud

HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Social Media, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Email Marketing, a big ass whiteboard, WordPress, Cappuccino, No Problem, I’m on it, Yes, OK, I Love this.

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