You can’t ignore Google+

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can't ignore google+

Internet Giant Google launched its own social networking platform back in 2011. Much later than the biggest players in the field Facebook and Twitter. And even though initially many people got excited about G+ not everybody really enjoyed the performance of this newcomer. Read this to see why you just can’t ignore Google+!

Even if you don’t really get the hang of using Google plus as your favourite personal social network – we didn’t either – there is no reason to ignore it for your business needs. Dare we say more – there are quite a few reasons why ignoring it can be quite harmful.

1)      Visibility and ranking. Google as you very well now is the most important search engine in the world so everything you put on its “children” like YouTube and Google plus will help your business visibility and ranking. People can find information related to your business easier if it’s posted on Google plus than if it’s just sits there on your site.

2)      SEO. Since Google+ is Google’s favourite child all the information you put there is like gold. This is a great field to play with your keywords and long–tail keyword phrases when making posts. The chance that your posts on Google plus will show up when someone is searching for it on Google is much higher than your normal blog posts or a similar post on other social media.

3)      Backlinks. Number of good quality backlinks still is and most probably will always be one of the main factors that improve your site ranking and visibility. So will google always consider its own social platform as an authority site. Don’t forget to link back to your site and/or blog from relative posts on google plus. Ask your partners to exchange backlinks – it will only do you good.

4)      Circles and general relationship building. Social media platforms are still a great way to build relationship both personal and business related. You can easily find potential clients and partners and connect to them. Divide your business contacts in circles like “Partners”, “Existing customers” and “Prospects” and you can easily choose which circle can see you posts. Don’t forget – Google plus was specifically created to help people and companies to build NEW relationships based on interests, profession, carrier, passions and hobbies.

5)      Google + users. It is well-known that Google plus is widely used by IT crowd, management, CEOs and owners of businesses and in general educated, connected and quite wealthy people. So if these demographics appeal to you and you think that potential clients and partners can be found among them it’s worth investing your time and effort into setting up and actively maintaining your Google+ profile.

6)      Google hangouts. This tool is very helpful, relatively simple and free when organising online meetings, conferences or even webinars for your potential customers. Google hangouts are perfect for trainings. Unlike desktop conferencing software like Skype, hangouts work inside your web browser. It allows up to ten people to meet face to face in an online video conference.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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