Build Brand Loyalty with Social Media – 5 Easy Ways

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brand loyalty with social media

In the age of ever evolving technology and the growing influence of social media, brands that don’t establish an online presence are being left behind. Learning to build brand loyalty with Social Media is not only necessary, but easy. Brand loyalty is focused on being reliable, consistent and convenient for your customer. Consumers are being bombarded with marketing and advertising campaigns and people are always in search of the best deal. That’s why it’s important now, more than ever, to build brand loyalty. Here are 5 easy and simple ways to build brand loyalty with social media.

1) Build Relationships

Using social media makes it easier to build relationships with your customers. It’s an easy way to keep customers in the loop about what’s happening with your business. Consumers want to be able to connect with your business and your brand. By using social media to listen to and engage with your customers, you can quickly and easily learn what they have to say and address any issues that they might be having.

2) Manage your reputation

It’s not always rosy out there in the World Wide Web. Consumers now have multiple social platforms to share their experiences with certain companies, both good and bad. Not only that, but the information is available instantly to millions of social media users. Use this to your advantage and address both positive and negative comments. Address negative comments or experiences right away and turn them into an opportunity to win back a customer. Likewise, thank those that are saying good and positive things about your company. In both cases, people will be encouraged to voice their opinions and feel good that they are being recognized.

3) Get a Leg Up on Your Competition

Listening and engaging with customers that enjoy your company’s products or services is easy and feels good, but take some time to also see what people are saying about your competition. See what they are doing right and do the same. Likewise, if you notice they are receiving complaints about something or having problems with a product, take note to avoid making the same mistakes.

4) Provide Insider Information

As I mentioned, people are always looking for the best deal – so make customers feel like you’re giving it to them. Use your social media platforms to offer promotions and discounts to your followers. This can build brand loyalty with your customers by making them feel special and privy to deals others would not have. At the same time, customers will feel great sharing your promotions with others which can increase your customer base. You can also promote upcoming product releases, sales or other events. People love being the first to know!

5) Feedback for Improvement

Customers like knowing that you’re not just listening and responding but that you’re doing something with their feedback. Use social media to ask questions and find out how to improve your product or service. There is always room for improvement. Period. If you have upgraded a product or service based on customer feedback, let them know. Post a status, comment or reply to show them you are always working to improve. Customers are more likely to stick with a brand they know is working hard to make customers happy and meet their needs.

Using social media to build brand loyalty is more often than not about retaining current customers rather than attaining new ones. However, the best referral is from a loyal customer. Use these tips across your company’s social media platforms to successfully build brand loyalty for business.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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