Boost traffic exponentially with Google News

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Boost traffic exponentially with Google News

Technology is ever-changing. New technologies emerge every day, while those that are outdated fall quietly by the wayside. In today’s world, Google is the big fish. And, while the internet may not be the proverbial small pond, even beginners to content marketing know that Google is one of the first, and best, places to turn to get your content seen. What content marketers may not be aware of, however, is what a tremendous benefit Google News can be to their business.

As SEO changes and Google reconfigures its algorithms to weed out the bad content from the good, many businesses have seen their page rankings on Google drop significantly. Business owners are discovering the value of content marketing and guest contributors in their endeavors to increase traffic to their site. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are making this discovery, which can lead to a veritable stalemate in their endeavors to increase their site’s traffic and search engine ranking. This dilemma has led to a new, and potentially quite lucrative, content marketing strategy- getting your site featured on Google News.

Amassing content from over 25,000 sources from around the globe, Google News utilizes Google’s proprietary algorithms to find and promote the most popular news stories at any given time. Google News users also have the ability to filter which news stories they receive, which can be a great benefit for niche marketers. It is important to note, however, that getting your site listed on Google News is no walk in the park.

Google News standards are prohibitively strict, which ensures that their content is of the highest quality, and a publication is only eligible to register for consideration one time in a six-month period. Sites are assessed for qualities such as authority, accountability, readability, and reliability. Google News does not accept strictly informational content, such as weather forecasts, job postings, how-to articles, or advice columns. What they are looking for are original, timely news stories with high levels of journalistic integrity. The best way to fulfill these criteria is to write relevant articles within your industry or niche, since these will be the topics with which you are most familiar. This type of content will also ensure that your site is tailored to your target audience. In addition, you need to make sure that your contact information is up-to-date and easily accessible, or Google News may pass on you.

Along with the requirements outlined above, it should go without saying that quality content is crucial. Strong news writing skills are imperative. Most importantly, you should always utilize the “inverted pyramid” method when composing news articles. This means that the most important, newsworthy facts should be presented at the beginning, while the least important information should be saved for the end. This allows readers to quickly skim a news article and come away with a grasp of the most vital information therein. Including statistics; common, easily searchable wording; and proper names, such as the names of celebrities or authorities within your niche, are the elements most likely to attract your readers’ interest. Direct quotes, which can generally be found in press releases, can give your news article that little something extra that will keep your readers coming back to you as a niche authority- just make sure to properly credit the sources of any quotes you use.

Articles submitted to Google News must also meet their technical requirements, which I will discuss briefly. All articles must have a unique, permanent URL, which allows Google to recognize new articles as they are published. Additionally, article links and body text must be in HTML. The simplest way to ensure that your articles meet all of these requirements is to use a popular content management system, such as Blogger. If your site is accepted to Google News, you will need to publish as many relevant, high-quality articles as you can on a daily basis, as Google News looks at quantity as well as quality.

The task may seem daunting, but the increase in traffic and added authority that will come from being featured on Google News will eventually land your site a much higher Google search ranking, leading to more potential conversions for your business.

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