Boost Post or Promoted Post on FB – what to Choose?

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Facebook Boost Post or Promoted pos

One of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook changed the way Internet users contact, connect and network with others. With incredible success over a relatively short period of time, Facebook has undergone immense growth and expansion over past years. Now, Facebook is no longer limited to connecting individuals. It is gearing towards becoming a platform for business marketing and advertising. Read our guide to choosing the right way of promoting your post – Boost Post or Promoted Post?

With millions of users, Facebook offers umpteen opportunities for businesses to widen their customer base and promote their product/service. No matter whether a business is a well-known brand or a new startup, its marketing strategy consists of a special Facebook marketing plan too. As Facebook is working towards expanding its advertisement revenue. It is trying and experimenting with new ways and solutions to promote engagement. Boost post button on Facebook pages and Promoted Pages are recent changes to boost traffic and increase activity on your Facebook Page.

Facebook has billions of users and each Facebook user has a varying number of friends. In this case, a person cannot keep track of News Feed of every person in his Friend List. Also, for marketing, every business needs to appear continuously in the News Feed of their followers and fan base. Facebook News Feed visible to every person are based on an algorithm, hence all followers with organic search is not possible. Brands are increasingly moving towards paid advertisements on Facebook utilizing Boost Post button and Promoted Post.

Though ‘boost’ and ‘promote’ seem to be similar terms in meaning, they are very different Facebook marketing terminology. Before you choose between Boost Post and Promoted Posts for your Facebook marketing strategy, you need to understand difference between the two and how they influence your marketing efforts. Boost Post is a button present located at bottom of a post made while for promoting a post you need to sign in the ads manager and create a campaign. When Boost Post button is clicked, a window appears on screen for maximum budget and audience you want to boost that post too.

In case of Promoted Post, you need to enter into the Ads Manager and then set up a campaign. Next, create a ad with ‘Create Ad’ button, choose ad type from available options, define audience you are targeting, set a budget and schedule. You have option of setting a daily budget or a lifetime budget along with option of bidding on page post engagements. For checking the progress of your ads, you can check the ad campaign dashboard that is visible after logging in the Ads Manager.

While choosing between boost Post and Promoted Posts, remember that you do not need to boost or promote every post you make. As these are paid methods, use them only for best and most engaging posts. Analyze what type of posts gather more engagement in terms of like, share and comments.

When you want to target a general audience or keep the post reach within followers of your page and their friends, opt for Boost Page. But, if you want to create more specific or precise ad campaigns towards targeted audience base, opt for Promoted Posts. Boost Post option is easy to use, while Promoted Posts require proper planning of ad campaigns. So, if you are planning your Facebook marketing campaign for a long run, opt for Promoted Post. Also, Boost Post does not allow you to any control over your budget once the option is used, while with Promoted Posts, you have better control on your campaign budget.

Facebook is a great platform for business marketing; you just need to plan your marketing campaigns smartly and wisely.

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elena Sciberras

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