What best Instagramers do and how to become one

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what best instagramers do

For nearly four years – that’s right, four years already! – Instagram has been the social media tool used around the world to share pictures, video, and stories of the modern age. But more than this, Instagram has often been successfully used to increase the publicity of many a brand, city, or company. Read our guide on what best Instagramers do and how to become one of them.

Getting an Instagram account is both free and incredibly easy to set up. But creating a popular Instagram account to promote your business or ideas takes strategy, patience, and time. Here we’ve put together the best Instagram tips. They will show you how to make an account to gather all the publicity you’ve ever wanted:

Learn Photography Basics

The great thing about Instagram is that with its filters and image-editing tools, any old picture can look like it was taken by a professional. Yet it should not be forgotten that every account on Instagram has access to these same tools and filters. So how do you make your images stand out? For those with no experience in photography, practice is the key! Try this trick: take several test pictures and post them on a separate social media site, such as Facebook or Twitter, and see which pictures get the most attention. Take notes on what people like, and use this knowledge for creating your future Instagram posts.

Work to Gather Followers

We’ve all heard those rumors about the accounts on Twitter that pay for their followers. While the rumors also say that this can be done on Instagram, don’t give in to the temptation! These purchased followers most often turn out to be little more than just a number. What really will get your Instagram account publicity and recognition is the accumulation of true and devoted followers. The true followers are more likely to comment, like, or share your photos and videos, creating more interactions and connections, and overall a more popular Instagram account.

Don’t Ignore Followers

While your Instagram account is still in the initial growing phase, make sure to follow back those who follow you. This will decrease the likelihood of you losing these followers in the future. Also make sure to like the pictures your followers post, and respond to those who comment on your photos or video. After all, social media should be used to let you be social!

Know Your #Hashtags

Instagram users are constantly searching the site for hashtags. By using commonly searched hashtags that also relate to your picture and account, you have the great opportunity to gain followers who are interested in your company and/or ideas.  

Make a Connection

Those who thrive through Instagram have an account that balances the typical type of photos from the account with unexpected photos. For example, the Instagram of a local coffee shop would benefit from posting a photo of an employee buying ingredients or supplies outside of the store. This type of post gives your followers a behind-the-scenes outlook, and makes them feel more personally connected to your business.

Don’t Lose Hope

Keep in mind that gathering followers takes time, and at some points, may seem impossible. To accelerate the rate of increase in your followers, make sure to frequently promote your Instagram account. Do this by mentioning your account on other forms of social media. Reference your account in marketing and advertising campaigns to gain potential followers who already know about you and your brand. Posting memorable and captivating photos will then allow for your base of followers to share these images, and help you gradually branch out to the entire world.



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elena Sciberras

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