What to avoid when marketing on social media

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What to avoid when marketing on social media

As we continue to make use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google +, we tend to get a bit overly excited and commit certain faux pas that would cost us not only followers but customers as well. In fact, here are some common mistakes that might surprise you.  We put together a small guide on what to to avoid when marketing on social media

My Auto-DM DON’T

Twitter users, I’m sure you’ve encountered this before and it most had probably become a large bane of your twittering experience, Automatic Direct Message (a.k.a. Auto-DM). After all, who doesn’t get irritated by constant irrelevant messaging that could only be described as spam?

A bit harsh? No, not really, a lot of people get annoyed by messages like these. It floods their inboxes and keeps them from their more important messages so please refrain from using this feature. In fact, if you’re going to use Auto-DM, it’s best to use it sparingly for your thank you notes.

Don’t be a stranger

Socializing may not be your real goal but it is part of it. One big mistake most people make is leaving their profile pictures blank which is totally not recommended if you’re aiming to expand your social reach. In fact, you are more than encouraged to place a company logo or a picture of your company spokesperson as your picture to give your company a face or an image.

Think about it, why should a person follow or entertain you if you don’t have an image to present. Why in the world would they follow an egg? Why should they circle you in? Should they even like this page?

Eggs and silhouette images are a big no. Don’t be so bashful that you can’t even post a simple company logo as your PP.

#Control thyself

Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about hashtags. As we most know, hashtags could now be applied to most popular forms of social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google +. And because of its popularity, people tend to abuse it – you know, #like #this #for #example.

Remember, too much of a good thing can be very bad and very annoying. So please moderate your hashtag usage, especially on Facebook considering hashtags in this site do nothing except for boosting a post’s aesthetic appeal.

NEVER forget to post the credits

Give credit, when credit is due. State your source. Don’t go on posting and tagging stuff you don’t own or did not make. Make standard disclaimers. Be always reminded of the standard etiquette and post the source link.

Why? It’s because you’re giving the impression of claiming the post as your own and obviously, people don’t like that. Not only is it offensive to the original creator but you could also lose client because of such careless nonchalance.

Maintain a proper atmosphere

When it comes to social media, people could easily ruin the atmosphere by butting into issues they shouldn’t have. While there’s nothing wrong with advocacy, some people have a tendency to get carried away and post or tweet something they might regret. It is one thing to be social and engage your followers in a discussion, but it’s a whole different matter if you decide to cross the line and get personal – and in the case of social media like Facebook and Twitter, too personal.

One common mistake is voicing very strong opinions that may offend some of your followers and spark a heated conversation which is not advisable. Granted that you are entitled to voice your opinions but do not forget, the customers should always come first. You are in the marketing world. Therefore, learn to place an appropriate distance and atmosphere when dealing with your followers and customers.

There we have it, the most common social media marketing faux pas to grace your computer screens. May you take these simple yet important warning to heart. With that, I bid you, good day.

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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