Aligning your Twitter Marketing with your YouTube Video Marketing

Aligning your Twitter Marketing with your YouTube

No brand should separate their Twitter marketing plan, YouTube marketing plan, Facebook marketing plan, etc etc. Your brand should have a social media marketing plan that unties all of these elements at the top while they branch off below. You must have connections between them as no single platform will succeed as well on its own as it will together with others. In this article we will give you some insights on aligning your Twitter Marketing with your YouTube strategy.

It will help you connect my two favorite social media marketing channels: Twitter and YouTube. We all know how Twitter can make content go viral, but are you relying on luck for this or are you really working at it?

This article will not be looking directly at how to get views on YouTube itself. My goal is for you to take content you already have on Youtube and better advertise it through Twitter. This will help not only your Twitter marketing game, but also help your YouTube views shoot sky high as well.

Using Twitter marketing to promote a YouTube channel or video

Make it happen with #hashtags

Brands typically use two types of hashtags on Twitter:

  • Those which they create specifically for their Twitter marketing.
  • Those which are created by other users, which start trending, that they also use.

Using the first type is how many brands tell a story on Twitter. Every time they create content which relates to a brand specific moment they add their #UniqueHashtagfortheTopic. Applying this to your Youtube videos is just as effective as any other type of content you want to work on.

This tactic is sorely lacking in the Twitter world in connection to YouTube videos. I looked through a number of the Twitter accounts for my favorite YouTube channels and only one of them really worked on this. It was for the Smosh guys as they promoted their movie:

So the biggest stars aren’t doing it. Why would you want to? Because any time someone clicks on your unique hashtag they get to look through all the tweets that also have that hashtag. And what are in those tweets? Your other videos! You can use hashtags to:

  • Connect videos by theme
  • Connect videos by length
  • Connect video by date
  • Connect videos by appearances

Any type of connection you can think of, it’s there for you to use. Now people can see a ‘story’ of your videos as told on Twitter.

The second time is one which many Twitter marketers are already using to promote their videos. It can help nearly anyone go viral on Twitter, but including a link, or even embedding, one of your videos will definitely help your viewership numbers.

If there’s a food related hashtag trending, you can bet that the guys at @EpicMealTime are all over this tactic with their content:

This exposed their video to people outside of their usual audience, earning a few retweets for even wider reach, and it was an appropriate moment for their video. You can’t just jump into any trending hashtag and throw your videos into it. Remember that there’s a Mute button for users who find you annoying.

Twitter loves to keep things short – use Vine for trailers

Twitter got themselves in the video marketing game when they bought Vine, and then again when they added their own native video service. You can use these to do something that the big movie business has mastered: Creating trailers.

Twitter Native video and Vine both have length limits imposed on them. Vine is 3 -6 second, Twitter native video is up to 30 seconds. The benefit here should be evident as you’re creating content that better fits a typical Twitter attention span, and you’re also creating new content of differing lengths.

The guys over at Epic Meal Time do this all the time, with Harley (the group’s ‘leader’) being a big fan of alternative social media platforms.

It’s quick, people watch it right away, and it builds hype for the main video. IF you’re new to Vine, here are some tips how to make Vines that stand out.

Using @mentions on Twitter for more views

Influencer marketing is using the audience of other people to promote your content. On Twitter this typically invloves using the @mention. You simply create a tweet, include your video in it, and use the @mention of another account in hopes that they’ll retweet you.

Hoping is nice, but actually getting results is better. First, you should always mention Twitter accounts of people who guest star in your videos. These will be easy retweets. Second, you should @mention relevant accounts. Maybe you refer to them in the video, maybe the video is related to their industry. Make sure they’re relevant, no one likes to be spammed with @mentions.

Here’s @ERBofHistory showing you both types of influencer marketing.


In the first tweet they @mention Twitter users that they work with in the video. The second tweet @mentions someone they’re talking about in the video who they don’t actually know personally. Both are perfect examples of influencer marketing. If you need more help with breaking through to a particular influencer, read this longer article on influencer marketing tactics.

GIFs will help your most data challenged fans view

Most people view Twitter on their smartphone. This can mean limited data plans, and people not wanting to watch a video at all. So why not give them a GIF? Your goal here is going to be creating an impression that pushes someone to watch your video once they’re on a laptop or tablet that’s connected to their WiFi later. You won’t drive YouTube views directly, the goal is the impression.

Ray William Johnson uses GIFs all the time on his @RayWJ account. I know for certain that I’ve seen one of his GIFs on Twitter and clicked over to YouTube later to watch the clip:

Remember that your GIFs need to be punchy, and that the text is the setup while the image is the punchline.

Sending multiple tweets of the same video – Now Spam free!

Any idiot can send out the same tweet over and over and get more views. That same idiot will also likely lose the attention of followers, or outright lose followers. You can use the tactics above, GIFs and Vine/Twitter vid, to create multiple tweets related to the same video. I want to help you take it a step further.

Take a look at changing the entire context of the tweet itself. What you’ll want to do is highlight different aspects of the video to attract different viewers. Vanoss Gaming do this all the time on their Twitter account. They use a combination of text, pictures, and video links to continually push the same video over and over without looking like spam. Here are a few examples:

The first is a picture with a link pushing people to watch their new video. The second is new text with the video embedded. All those too lazy to click over to Youtube can watch it in their Twitter timeline now. These are just two tweets from yesterday, you can scroll through the entire @VanossGaming Twitter feed to see how they repurpose content over and over again to drive YouTube views, and push new videos for maximum impact.


Matthew is the writer over on the Devumi Social Media Marketing blog, a great place to get more Twitter followers and YouTube views via social media marketing. For the latest information, stop by the blog every Friday and read his newest post, or join the @Devumi gorilla on Twitter for non-stop social marketing fun!

Socrates teaches us how to run adverts on Facebook!

Socrates teaches us how to run adverts on Facebook!

If you have every tried to run adverts on Facebook, you will probably know that it is quite simply the most advanced and sophisticated way to generate a metric ton of website and social traffic. It can also be the biggest total waste of cash you every spent with nothing to show but digital clicks which are no use to anyone. However you do get nice graphs and reports that show exactly where your kid’s college budget went. But one thing for sure is..

“The only true wisdom is knowing we know nothing, and when it comes to Facebook then doubly so!” – Socrates

Facebook can be awkward and confusing and the advertising results can sometimes make no sense. So on that note I’d like a share a little test I ran the other day and perhaps you can comment your views and explanations below.

So I was running a little featured Facebook Page Post Advert to encourage awareness and Likes of Social Media Buzz. I had a quirky pictures of a man with a cardboard box over his head which I thought was worth a try to see the reaction. Here it is below, pretty simple right.

[PIC of Banner Advert]

So I ran these to 2 different groups of people:

Fans of Social Media Examiner, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Optimization.

English Language Speakers

One Version I ran in the Country of: MALTA

The other I ran in: The United Kingdom

Now although Malta is the other side of Europe from the UK, and in fact is nearer Libya that most other English speaking countries, it is in fact an ex British colony and has English as its primary business language. It has a British legal system, and they even drive on the Left hand (Correct) side of the road.

So I was amazed at the results. One advert was fantastic the same Identical Advert was a total disaster. Take a look at the results below before we do a post mortem.

UK Version of the Advert

Social Media Buzz – Page Likes – what stop you Inactive 1Page Like €3.48Per Page Like 5,382 6.41 1 0.003% €1.01 €3.48 €1.60CPM €0.10CPM


So take a look at the UK version of the Advert, 1 Page like after spending €3.48 on an advert that was shown to 5,382 people 6.41 times (That’s more than 34,000 times the advert was displayed). This means the advert had a click through rate of 0.003% (EPIC FAIL). Only 1 person out of 34,000 views through to LIKE this page. To make matters worse the Cost per Thousand Displays (CPM) of this advert was incredibly cheap at only 10 cents per thousand. Wow this is like one hundredth of the cent per advert display on the person’s timeline.


Malta Version of the Advert

Social Media Buzz – Page Likes – Image 2 Active 18Page Likes €0.17Per Page Like 753 1.50 23 2.043% €0.17 €3.00 AutoOptimized CPM €2.66Optimized CPM


Now let’s take a look at the Malta version of this advert. As Malta is small and only has a population of 450,000 people in the whole country then the target audience is very small indeed. But look at the results…

18 Pages Likes, for 0.17 Euros per LIKE after being seen by only 753 people an average of 1.5 Times (that’s 1129 Times in total) with a click through of 2.043% so that means 1 time in every 50 this advert got shown it resulted in a click through – Pretty good right. Even though the cost of getting to 1000 (CPM) views was a whopping €2.66 it still won out by 20 times over.



So at this point I stop the advert in the UK and look at running other adverts there instead. But what surprised me the most is how 2 Identical Adverts going to an identical Demographic in age, interests, language can have such totally radical results. Why would that simple advert be a massive win with the Maltese and a massive lose to the UK?

Once thing is for certain, to ASSUME in Facebook advertising makes an ASS out of U and ME

Always be testing, Assume nothing, try alternatives, test again, you will find your optimum route, and optimum result. Test, Retest, and Test some more and everything will be good. When you have the right solution then bring out the bigger budget and roll it out.

Let me know your theories on why Malta and UK are so different, by commenting below.

Facebook Turns Off Like Gates!

Facebook Turns Off Like Gates!

If you haven’t already heard then you need to prick up your ears for the Latest Facebook “Like Gate Scandal” – It’s like Watergate but for some marketers much much worse. Facebook Turns Off Like Gates!

What is a LIKE GATE?

You know those page which tell you to like a page before you can access the goodies (competition, free download, watch the video etc.). This is called a LIKE GATE or a FAN GATE.

This is often 3rd party Technology such as Heyo which allows you to create two alternative Facebook fan pages. An UNLIKED version and a LIKED version.

People who LIKE the page get access to the FREE STUFF!

So why are they stopping them?

Facebooks announcement goes as follows:-

“You must not incentivize people to use social plugins or to like a Page. This includes offering rewards, or gating apps or app content based on whether or not a person has liked a Page. It remains acceptable to incentivize people to login to your app, checkin at a place or enter a promotion on your app’s Page. To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them, we want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives. We believe this update will benefit people and advertisers alike.”

In short Facebook thinks, or claims to think that fan gates water down the genuine likes of a page and make it harder for fans to get relevant content.

I personally think it’s a bit late in the day for that, with most major brands already establishing their fans and Likes through competitions and incentives.

It’s just means people who are just setting out to build LIKES are going to have an uphill struggle against those who already have them.

So what are you allowed to do?

The terms of service seem to state that you can incentivise people to like your page… (Which of course is obvious, imagine if displaying a “Like us on Facebook” sign in your office was contravening some Terms of Service!

However what you can’t do is FORCE them to LIKE the page in order to access benefits, freebies or whatever.

What you will probably have to do as an alternative is make registering an email as a means of getting the Freemium Content, and then ask them to LIKE, SHARE, and Comment.

When will this happen?

Well it sort of already did, as of 4 days ago Facebook put a blocker on creating new LIKE GATES, and as of the 5th of November existing LIKE GATES will no longer work.

So it’s time to rethink your LIKE getting strategy and ask yourself if getting LIKES as valuable as it once was!

The Value of a LIKE

A few years ago companies would go crazy for LIKES, most of them didn’t know why but they get incredibly excited when some LIKES came in and they had a growing fan base.

At that time there wasn’t as many things to like and many of the comments you posted on your fan page really got through to the audience of Fans.

Things are very different now, with potentially thousands or posts per day coming in from your friends, family, and pages you are fans of this is getting massively watered down.

One thing is for sure, your comments are going to have to get more engaging, more relevant, and you are going to have to learn to target adverts effectively if you are going to get the traffic and following that you need.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think this is good, bad, or it doesn’t make a slight bit of difference for the industry?

I personally think that LIKE GATES incentives with real and relevant content and Freemium’s was a brilliant way of getting those 1 click opt ins and had some great results with that. I’d even go for the email address as a step 2 of the process, and it worked brilliantly.

However the “Win a FREE Ipad” brigade have probably filled the fanbase up with lukewarm prospects that just act as another number and social proof.

What’s your take on all this? Dhare your view in the comments section below!

Facebook Training Seminar UK – Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Seminar Leeds

Facebook Training Seminar UK Leeds

1 Day Training Seminar on Facebook Advertising for SME’s in LEEDS and Yorkshire Area

Monday August 25th 2014 LEEDS

Facebook Training Seminar UK

Starting with the fundamental basics of getting up a Business Page and how to make that work for you right away.

We discuss LIKES, what they really mean and how they are used, and understand how that may or may not be helpful to your business. We teach you the fundamentals of Facebook Advertising how to not lose your pants while doing it including.

  • How to research and find your audience
  • How to get to those people for the lowest cost
  • How to use your existing database of customers if you have one to leverage Facebook
  • Strategies for getting new leads, and converting them to customers.
  • How to leverage this growing fan base to massively boost your business.
  • How to make convert these processes in to a sale and give your massive ROI on your advert spend.

This includes practical step by step guides, audience participation (Where Proactively Volunteered for) and case study examples that relate to the attendees in the room.

The Event will finish at 4pm whereby 1-2 Hours will be allocated to Q&A and breakout sessions where you can get advice on what you are trying to do and Practical Ideas you can employ in your business.

The Session includes Notes and Hand-outs as well as access to some of the content and slides after the event.

We are 100% sure that you will take away considerable cash value training that will allow you to really make a difference in your business.

Don’t miss out on:-

  • Cutting edge Training
  • A world class presenter
  • Limited Seats Available
  • Real Take Home Practical Knowledge
  • Bypassing Months or Years of expensive Research and Learning
  • Our Money Back Guarantee
  • Access to FREE follow up Training and Online Events

1 Day  –  Facebook Training Seminar UK

Buy Tickets HERE

Eventbrite - Facebook Sales Machine 1 Day Crash Course to boost your business
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Ontraport Review – Email and CRM

Ontraport Office Autopilot

Ontraport Review,  Email, CRM and Business Automation

Looking for an ALL-IN-ONE Business Solution?

Ontraport (as it’s now called after it changed its name from Office Autopilot)
Is an online application that allows you to automate your entire business!
It’s made up of several core components with a whole set of surrounding features and tools.
• A CRM ( Effectively a List of Leads, Clients, and Contacts)
• A Powerful Email System for sending out mass targeted emails to your List
• A Web Page and Form Building System that allows you to create forms and pages for your site.
• An Affiliate system allowing you to create affiliate deals you can get others to promote.
• A WordPress connector that allows you to control Members Areas of your site.
• Sales Pages and Payment Integration so your can setup products, upsells and more.
• Advance Tracking tools for tracking your prospects movements on your site and pages.
• Staff.
• Build in A/B Split Testing on Emails, and Pages.
• A Versatile automation System that allows you to Pre define just about anything within the system. (emails, Contacts, SMS, Reminders, Access to you website, well anything)

It’s a pretty big box of tricks and allows you to automate so many things that any business with a website could create, automate and track their progress.
To watch the videos of what it does, click HERE

But is it any good?

There are several all in one solutions out there, the primary competition to Ontraport being “Infusionsoft” and daily I speak to people who are ditching one for the other claiming that it’s time to move.
This basically underlines that NONE of the all on one solutions are the best in all possible ways.
I’ve heard grumblings about Ontraport’s Tracking, email deliver-ability ranging from terrible right through to amazing!
But from my own point of view using it for some of my sites I’ve found it pretty stunning.
I’ve created some sizable email lists, web page forms in minutes which I’ve scattered around different sites and landing pages.
I’ve setup their Autopilot scripts to create email sequences, rank my site visitors, and sent out sms’s to their mobiles based on their behavior.
I’ve also connected it to every WordPress site I have so it tracks the movements of all my visitors and can allow them or deny them access to different parts of the site.


You setup a form on Ontraport, paste the code on your site, and have people registering in to your list. I then setup in the form that people will automatically be tagged with the correct tags (so I can sort them later) and subscribe them to my newsletter sequence (which is a series of 10 weekly newsletters each timed for 1 week apart).
If any of the subscribed people go to my site and start looking at the product page, I can automatically subscribe them to my product offer email sequence which offers those discounts.
Then with a page I created in Ontraport I give them special officer and even an up sell form which allows me to sell them an upgrade to their purchase.
All the while I’m lead scoring each person based on their site interaction, building up a list of tags on that person based on the pages their visit and adding them to relevant email sequences that give them the correct info.
For me this software possibilities are endless and amazing.

Easy Integrations

Ontraport has an open API that any reasonable programmer should be able to interact with, but for those who want to connect it to other things directly it easily integrates with:-

• Leadpages (Landing Page Software) – Click Here to See Leadpages in action.
• Lots of Credit Card Companies (Including Paypal)
• One Shopping Cart
• WordPress (through its Pilotpress Plugin)

The Down Sides

Ontraport have been known to let you down on the tracking side, however this seems to be on the mend and doesn’t seem to be happening often.
As well as this if you’re running a professional affiliate program, then there are way better affiliate management platforms out there, like “Has Offers” for example that specialise.

Another major downside for me is that the primary currency support is USD (however apparently it is possible to use other currencies in 1shopping cart which Ontraport Direct integrates with.


While the minimum monthly spend can be high for some home based businesses, the feature set is massive and this software can replace a variety of other subscriptions for a price which is way below the competition. The affiliate side of the platform is a little basic at this stage which may force more serious players to get their own specialist affiliate program.
Overall I love and use this software ever day of the week.

While I’m busy working on my next idea, Ontraport is busy sending emails, tracking responses, adding new leads, making sales, and following up on those sales to keep customer satisfaction!

Thanks Ontraport for saving me a stack of extra salaries and an hours per day of my life.

Check out Ontraport for yourself HERE

What not to do on social media – 15 DON’Ts!

This article highlights a few simple rules to follow when posting and communicating on social media either as an individual or a business. What not to do on social media:

1)      DON’T try to get from people more than you are offering. It’s networking, it’s supposed to be fun, not just business. Be useful, give more than you take!

2)      DON’T bombard people with offers and special discounts on a daily basis. Try and establish the number of promotional posts and balance them with more entertaining and useful posts or even publish one promo-post per certain number of likes and shares that your normal content posts get.

3)      DON’T be impersonal, detached, don’t write in a third person. Instead be a real human being with your own life and preferences, with a real name even when posting from your business fan page.

4)      DON’T use lazy grammar and intentional mistakes. Not cool. No, not even a bit!

5)      DON’T tag people on your photos if you’re not 100% sure they are ok with it and expecting it. People hate being embarrassed and the chance is high they will unlike/unfriend you for good!

6)      DON’T automatically repost your Twitter posts on Facebook and vice versa. You can use the same but slightly modified content for different social media platforms but never post on Facebook your actual Twitter posts via any kind of “convenient” software.

7)      DON’T Like your own posts. Enough said!

8)      DON’T invite people to like your new fan page, it’s like begging on the street full of people you know.. There are less dumb ways to do so! Create great sharable engaging content for your new page and just share it couple of times on your personal profile. If people like it they will “Like it”!

9)      DON’T use your page to re-share urban legends, petitions and even charities. You will only annoy people. If you want to do something good, organize it properly yourself!

10)   DON’T fail to ignore trolls and pointless criticizers. Try to reply to messages and posts that have constructive criticism and customer support related questions but ignore plain haters and people who constantly try to bring you down.

11)   DON’T jump in to fight in the comments section. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. If you got an offending comment give yourself a couple of hours, relax, calm down and ask for advice, if you can. It’s always better to remain classy and keep the face, just like in real life.

12)   DON’T try to be on every social media platform all the time just for the sake of being everywhere. Analyse where most of your clients come from and use regularly and concentrate your effort on 2-3 most important social media.

13)   DON’T try to do everything yourself. It’s nice to think that social media is a free way of advertising, but if you spend too much time on it, you are losing money you could be making otherwise. If you’re not experienced enough you can do more harm than good. Don’t be afraid to find a social media consultant you trust and who fits our budget.

14)   DON’T ignore a follower who commented or sent you a message. These people are gold, they are already considering you as a buying choice, so go there and build a conversation with them. Offering a special personal discount works well too!

15)   DON’T use caps lock. Incredibly enough not all people have learned to never SHOUT IN CAPITAL LETTERS online. Especially this concerns small business owners who try to attract attention to their special offers. Just don’t do it, please!

Here’s is our take on simple social media etiquette – what are your tips on what not to do on social media?

Why YOUR Business IS going to be at Risk Because Of Facebook!

risk because of facebook

Tens of thousands of companies are putting themselves at massive risk because of Facebook! Why…?

Because they either don’t care about Facebook, or they think it’s for posting pictures of Kittens.

Facebook is the biggest THREAT and biggest OPPORTUNUITY that has come along for your business since the day it started.

Facebook is the most advanced, cheap, super targeted, laser beam focuses, advertising opportunity in the history of advertising (and indeed mankind) and if you’re not using it to get more customers for cheaper than you have ever done before, then I have bad news for you.

There are businesses out there that are taking an interest and quickly learning how to get customers, keep them, and build massive sales systems that literally scoop in new customers day and night.

Chances are you are not interested or paying attention instead preferring to wear the blinkers or somehow justifying to yourself that…

“My Business and Industry is different and it doesn’t apply to me”


Good News/Bad News

So the bad news is that I can’t think of many industries where Facebook advertising can’t be used and is probably already being used.

As much as you like to think otherwise, your industry is full of people and those people are likely to be on Facebook at least some of the time.

The Good News is that it’s not too late and if you prick up your ears right now and pay attention this threat to your customers and business could well be a blessing in disguise.

If you take a brief time to learn what is possible, how that relates to your business and get an understanding of the potential you will be blown away by what your business can achieve.

In simple terms you can master getting new customers, keeping them coming back, and enter in to a relationship with them that keeps them out of the reach of your competition.

What’s more there is a stack load of FREE and cost effective information out there that can teach you all you need to know!

But if you want somewhere SIMPLE to get started them I’m here to help.

I’ve put together a 6 Part Email Seriesthat holds your hands through the different stages of making yourself aware of what is possible, and how you use it to your MASSIVE advantage.


Explore the possibilities with me HERE

I know some of you will be saying

“But I don’t want to learn this stuff I just want someone to do it”

Fair point… And I agree, some business should stick to what they do best and find someone else to handle this for them.

But if you go out blind and randomly call agencies without knowing what you are even asking for them you could waste a small fortune going round the houses.

In that case I’d stick recommend you get 6 Part SUPER SIMPLE Email Series series to give yourself the background you will need to know to get started!


Failing that, Drop me an email and I’m happy to advise you!


FREE 6 Part Email Series on Facebook to Protect your Business