Are you A/B Testing?

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Are you AB testing?

It’s hard to believe but years of internet marketing practice shown that sometimes a tiny things like the colours of the button on your site/landing/sales page or the side that you choose for it – right or left – can mean a world of difference. Like 70% more conversions difference. We’ve collected a few examples that will show you that small changes DO matter and sometimes it’s incredibly hard to predict how your audience will react to what you show them so in short – split test everything! So are you A/B testing now?

Put a smile on it!

37 Signals company done a test on their landing page – one version had generic infographic and the other one had a large picture of smiling customer.

The latter gave them a huge conversion increase of 103%. Seeing these results with a smiling woman Jocelyn the company started trying pictures of different smiling persons. The results proven to be different now compare to Jocelyn’s well performing page. Michaels’s photo managed to further increase conversion by 4,78% whereas John (-3,38%) and Mari (-0,8%) didn’t do that well.

230% conversion boost with redesign

Mindvalley tried 4 different designs for their landing page headline as you can see above. The more light and transparent version with unfocused design became a winner with 230,41% conversion boost. Dark blue version gave 112% boost. Tips from the creators – use lighter backgrounds and easy to read fonts. In this particular case using people didn’t give great results and the designers have an idea why. When using models on banners/headlines make them look at the headline, not to the camera. People tend to make an eye contact with the picture and even though it attracts attention to the person on the image it distracts audience from what you’re trying to say.

Buttons are important

We all know that green colour is good, it makes people feel safe and creates trustworthy environment. But when it comes to button you want people to click green is not the best option according to some split tests. Dan McGrady from shared his simple test that goes to prove the point above. When Dan switched from green button to the red one (orange-red and orange colour shades perform the best) he saw 34% conversion increase. Just one tiny detail!

Want to learn more about split-testing results? Read Part 2 and Part 3 of this article.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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