Are you A/B Testing? Part 3

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Are you AB testing

We already have some insight about design elements and sales process elements that can make a world of a difference to your conversions, sales figures and sign-ups from the first 2 parts of this article. Time to learn more tricks! Are you A/B Testing your site or landing page?

Red wins again

We’ve already learned that red and orange button perform better than other colours but here is another example of the red’s selling power. In this simple split testing technique VyGone tried blue and red headline for their sales page. Even though blue colour was more appropriate from the design point of view the red headline worked as usually better and brought 313% increase in sales figures.

Ugly can be better than pretty

Russel Branson from dotcomsecrets shares this split test when he was in a way forced to improve his old “ugly blue version” of a sales page and went ahead spending quite a bit of money and effort on a new expensive-looking design. And the result? Unexpectedly the ugly version opt-in rates were 26% higher than the expensive and more professional looking page. It’s hard to point out the exact psychological reason behind this phenomena, but it only proves again and again that you will never know what sell better unless you try it.

Give them option to connect to you

In this example Local BlackBon page that was promoting a webinar run a split test – version one was using only “Register with Facebook” button whereas the second one gave users an option to register with either Facebook or email. The latter one quite expectedly gave the 65% increase in opt-ins. Emails linked to Facebook are considered to be of a higher value than the ones that are not so there is a logic behind using Facebook only. But is it worth losing people for that? Probably not…

Use specific numbers

This one is quite peculiar but is based not only one test, the following is just one example of the principle. Using specific numbers is more effective than the generic rounded ones. In this case the results of using 1,000 people and 1,198 people in headline gave the company 34% increase in conversions. This is probably down to the fact that people think if the number is rounded it means that you’re either guessing or lying whereas very specific numbers hint that there might be a test or some proven strategy which people trust more.

Want to learn more about split-testing results? Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this article.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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