Are you A/B Testing? Part 2

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So far we have learned that using smiling person on your site banner/landing page can increase conversion by 103% but at the same time it’s better to avoid person on the screen making eye contact with your potential customer in order not to distract them. We also know that light background might give you more than 200% boos and using red or orange buttons is more effective than green ones. Today we are going into more business than design side of your online marketing and here are a few one trick that works every time! Let’s take a look at the bits of split test wisdom we’ve prepared for you. Are you A/B Testing your site or landing page?

The power of FREE

Adding 2 simple if not say magical words to your page might give you an immediate increase of 28% conversion. When people behind Visual website optimizer blog run this test they expected some results and they got them! The only change that had been done to the page is added words “It’s free”. Boom!

Instalments matter

Chakra7 System who’d done the split test where one option was to pay $99 instead of $199 and the second to pay in three instalments of $33 each instead of $199. Clients felt much more comfortable paying the same amount but in three payments which resulted in 75,6% more SALES not conversions for this particular plan.

Free trial

Here is an example from and their test on free trials. According to this split test adding “FREE TRIAL” button in addition to “BUY NOW” button increased the sign up rate by whopping 158.6%! Of course it’s important to notice that not all who got free trial will get the actual thing but it definitely helps in creating interest and attracting certain amount of potential clients.

Don’t delay the “Buy Button”

There are many popular theories out there that tells internet entrepreneurs to never show the buy or offer button before users finished watching your video or going through your landing page. But this example is a prove that the opposite is true. Adding the “Add to Cart” button directly to the main screen immediately gave 92% increase in earnings. It might be not a winner in all possible situation but it’s definitely something worth testing.

Want to learn more about split-testing results? Read Part 1 and Part 3 of this article.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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