Aligning your Twitter Marketing with your YouTube Video Marketing

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Aligning your Twitter Marketing with your YouTube

No brand should separate their Twitter marketing plan, YouTube marketing plan, Facebook marketing plan, etc etc. Your brand should have a social media marketing plan that unties all of these elements at the top while they branch off below. You must have connections between them as no single platform will succeed as well on its own as it will together with others. In this article we will give you some insights on aligning your Twitter Marketing with your YouTube strategy.

It will help you connect my two favorite social media marketing channels: Twitter and YouTube. We all know how Twitter can make content go viral, but are you relying on luck for this or are you really working at it?

This article will not be looking directly at how to get views on YouTube itself. My goal is for you to take content you already have on Youtube and better advertise it through Twitter. This will help not only your Twitter marketing game, but also help your YouTube views shoot sky high as well.

Using Twitter marketing to promote a YouTube channel or video

Make it happen with #hashtags

Brands typically use two types of hashtags on Twitter:

  • Those which they create specifically for their Twitter marketing.
  • Those which are created by other users, which start trending, that they also use.

Using the first type is how many brands tell a story on Twitter. Every time they create content which relates to a brand specific moment they add their #UniqueHashtagfortheTopic. Applying this to your Youtube videos is just as effective as any other type of content you want to work on.

This tactic is sorely lacking in the Twitter world in connection to YouTube videos. I looked through a number of the Twitter accounts for my favorite YouTube channels and only one of them really worked on this. It was for the Smosh guys as they promoted their movie:

So the biggest stars aren’t doing it. Why would you want to? Because any time someone clicks on your unique hashtag they get to look through all the tweets that also have that hashtag. And what are in those tweets? Your other videos! You can use hashtags to:

  • Connect videos by theme
  • Connect videos by length
  • Connect video by date
  • Connect videos by appearances

Any type of connection you can think of, it’s there for you to use. Now people can see a ‘story’ of your videos as told on Twitter.

The second time is one which many Twitter marketers are already using to promote their videos. It can help nearly anyone go viral on Twitter, but including a link, or even embedding, one of your videos will definitely help your viewership numbers.

If there’s a food related hashtag trending, you can bet that the guys at @EpicMealTime are all over this tactic with their content:

This exposed their video to people outside of their usual audience, earning a few retweets for even wider reach, and it was an appropriate moment for their video. You can’t just jump into any trending hashtag and throw your videos into it. Remember that there’s a Mute button for users who find you annoying.

Twitter loves to keep things short – use Vine for trailers

Twitter got themselves in the video marketing game when they bought Vine, and then again when they added their own native video service. You can use these to do something that the big movie business has mastered: Creating trailers.

Twitter Native video and Vine both have length limits imposed on them. Vine is 3 -6 second, Twitter native video is up to 30 seconds. The benefit here should be evident as you’re creating content that better fits a typical Twitter attention span, and you’re also creating new content of differing lengths.

The guys over at Epic Meal Time do this all the time, with Harley (the group’s ‘leader’) being a big fan of alternative social media platforms.

It’s quick, people watch it right away, and it builds hype for the main video. IF you’re new to Vine, here are some tips how to make Vines that stand out.

Using @mentions on Twitter for more views

Influencer marketing is using the audience of other people to promote your content. On Twitter this typically invloves using the @mention. You simply create a tweet, include your video in it, and use the @mention of another account in hopes that they’ll retweet you.

Hoping is nice, but actually getting results is better. First, you should always mention Twitter accounts of people who guest star in your videos. These will be easy retweets. Second, you should @mention relevant accounts. Maybe you refer to them in the video, maybe the video is related to their industry. Make sure they’re relevant, no one likes to be spammed with @mentions.

Here’s @ERBofHistory showing you both types of influencer marketing.


In the first tweet they @mention Twitter users that they work with in the video. The second tweet @mentions someone they’re talking about in the video who they don’t actually know personally. Both are perfect examples of influencer marketing. If you need more help with breaking through to a particular influencer, read this longer article on influencer marketing tactics.

GIFs will help your most data challenged fans view

Most people view Twitter on their smartphone. This can mean limited data plans, and people not wanting to watch a video at all. So why not give them a GIF? Your goal here is going to be creating an impression that pushes someone to watch your video once they’re on a laptop or tablet that’s connected to their WiFi later. You won’t drive YouTube views directly, the goal is the impression.

Ray William Johnson uses GIFs all the time on his @RayWJ account. I know for certain that I’ve seen one of his GIFs on Twitter and clicked over to YouTube later to watch the clip:

Remember that your GIFs need to be punchy, and that the text is the setup while the image is the punchline.

Sending multiple tweets of the same video – Now Spam free!

Any idiot can send out the same tweet over and over and get more views. That same idiot will also likely lose the attention of followers, or outright lose followers. You can use the tactics above, GIFs and Vine/Twitter vid, to create multiple tweets related to the same video. I want to help you take it a step further.

Take a look at changing the entire context of the tweet itself. What you’ll want to do is highlight different aspects of the video to attract different viewers. Vanoss Gaming do this all the time on their Twitter account. They use a combination of text, pictures, and video links to continually push the same video over and over without looking like spam. Here are a few examples:

The first is a picture with a link pushing people to watch their new video. The second is new text with the video embedded. All those too lazy to click over to Youtube can watch it in their Twitter timeline now. These are just two tweets from yesterday, you can scroll through the entire @VanossGaming Twitter feed to see how they repurpose content over and over again to drive YouTube views, and push new videos for maximum impact.


Matthew is the writer over on the Devumi Social Media Marketing blog, a great place to get more Twitter followers and YouTube views via social media marketing. For the latest information, stop by the blog every Friday and read his newest post, or join the @Devumi gorilla on Twitter for non-stop social marketing fun!

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