8 tips on getting more Pinterest followers

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Everything’s more fun when you can share it with people, which is probably why Pinterest is just so much better when you have lots of followers. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Most Pinterest users struggle to accumulate more followers outside of their real-life friends and family. So how can you get people throughout the world to see what great stuff you’ve been pinning? Follow these 8 tips and you’ll be on your way to be getting more Pinterest followers:

1. Use Other Social Media
Odds are you have followers on other sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter who also have their own Pinterest accounts. Take advantage of this by linking and connecting to your Pinterest profile on these other social platforms. This will help you gain followers from the family, friends, and other followers you have already successfully gathered. You can also advertise your individual boards or Pins to persuade followers to revisit your profile.

2. Keywords & #Hashtags
Pinterest has a handy ‘Search’ feature where you can type in a keyword and see all the Pins containing that subject. Use this feature to look for Pins on a certain subject; if you find that a certain topic is very popular, then try focusing your future Pins on those! Also, be sure to include both hashtags and keywords in all of your Pins so that people can find you whenever they search.

3. Post Original Content
Studies show that the majority of Pinterest posts are re-pinned photos. Set your profile apart from the others by inventing and pinning brand new content in addition to re-pinning photos. By continually posting photos that people haven’t seen before, you can greatly increase your follower count and overall Pinterest interactions.

4. Give a Shout Out
Know of a huge Pinterest profile with tons of followers you’d like to snag? Take a particularly good pin and find a way to mention that @someone_else in the photo description. This will ensure that @someone_else will become aware of your page, and possibly lead to them re-pinning your photo or even following you themselves!

5. Follow People
This is the easiest tip to follow: just follow lots of other pages! Doing so will increase your chances of these other people following you back. And if they don’t follow you back after say, a month, then don’t wait up for them. Unfollow those who aren’t following you back, and instead follow a whole new group of people to repeat the process.

6. Maintain a Great Profile
This may seem like common sense, but it’s actually more helpful than you’d think. Sometimes the only reason for not gaining more followers is the content and frequency of what you pin. For example, make sure to not blow up the feed of your followers’ Pinterests. Instead, space out your pins over a certain length of time, so they never get sick of you. Another helpful tip: stick to the topics within your boards. Nothing annoys followers more than seeing a Pin about the latest football game mixed in a board of recipe ideas.

7. Embrace the Holidays
Pinterest is one of the best sources for holiday recipes, decorating ideas, and overall party brainstorming. Make your followers happy and post festivity-related pins like these around the holidays. You can even make a specific board for each holiday, drawing in new followers who mainly use Pinterest for these types of ideas.

8. Start a Contest
This is mainly for the Pinterest pages of larger companies, but not exclusively: hold a contest for your followers only. For example, offer a $250 prize to one lucky follower of yours who re-pins 5 of your best photos. Not only does this give you more publicity through the re-pinning, but you’ll gain tons of followers eager to win the cash prize.

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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